10 hilarious bunny day memes

Since March 28, the Bunny Day event has officially restarted in Animal Crossing New Horizons, and players have mixed reactions to this. For some players, Bunny Day is a cute event that features new colorful items and breaks up the now-routine New Horizons gameplay.

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However, for the majority of players, Bunny Day is synonymous with a tedious and excruciating nightmare, inflicted on innocent players by an overly cheerful man in a bunny costume. From the swarm of water eggs to the baffling Zipper dance, Bunny Day has found plenty of ways to hilariously scandalize New Horizons fans.

ten Who is this Pokémon? Another egg, of course

Who is this Pokémon but with bunny eggs

Fishing is a favorite pastime for many Animal Crossing players and was perhaps the Bunny Day feature the fan base hated the most. That excitement of seeing a fish silhouette and that moment of speculation about what kind of fish it might be right before it was coiled up was completely ruined with the arrival of the water eggs.

Since so many fish shadows have become eggs, including fish caught on island tours, players have continually experienced the betrayal of what they expected to be fish turning out to be water eggs. What better way to capture this moment of ultimate anticipation and disappointment than even Who’s That Pokemon? guessing game

9 March Hare Madness

Reinvented Animal Crossing New Horizons blanket with zipper

For many players caught in the midst of Bunny Day’s frustration, it started to feel like the whole game was defined by Zipper’s mad quest for eggs. Rather than focusing on the adorable animal villagers promised in the series title, players were forced to focus on eggs, as all of the game’s mechanics turned to egg collecting.

The seemingly ubiquitous zipper and his off-putting smile and dead-eyed gaze haunted players as this reddit poster for weeks in April. By the time he finally left, he started to feel like the island was fully populated by Zippers.

8 It can always get worse

The difficulties of 2020 accompanied by Zipper Dancing

2020 has been a tough year, and when New Horizons arrived in March just in their early forties, it gave many players a comfortable escape from reality. But as New Horizons became the bright spot of the gamer year, April began just two weeks after the game’s release date, and many gamers’ beautiful escape was ruined.

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Players can breathe a sigh of relief that this year’s Bunny Day is at least going to come and go earlier in the year and end by the end of the week. A less disruptive Bunny Day is at least one of the ways 2021 can improve from 2020.

7 Be careful what you wish

The bar has been a long-standing and infamous boredom for Animal Crossing fans since the series’ very first entry. The hope and expectation of seeing a large shadow of fish in the ocean and the instant regret as the fish turns out to be another bass is a sensation far too familiar to any Animal Crossing player.

In a strange turn of events, Bunny Day has managed to get players dreaming of the bar’s comeback. After catching dozens of Water Eggs in a row, players would gladly accept the bar they were complaining about before, if only to take a break from the egg invasion.

6 The bright side

Fortunately, there is one perk to logging into New Horizons in early April, which is the reappearance of cherry blossoms. All sheets of hardwood acquire a lovely new pink hue, and like the falling snowflakes of December, players can now catch floating petals with their nets. in addition to the bugs of the new season.

Additionally, this April offers a second chance to collect Cherry Blossom DIY recipes that players missed the first time around. While the surplus of eggs around Bunny Day is always a pain, at least there are cherry blossom items to soften the blow.

5 Grumpy Crafts

Due to the excess of eggs of the six different types and the limited number of unique items to craft with them, players often found themselves confused when it came to using the new crafting material. The Nooks paid very little for the eggs, and they certainly weren’t worth wasting storage space.

Eventually, players realized that crafting one of the Bunny Day items and selling those items in bulk was actually worth a fair amount of bells. However, this realization only eased Bunny Day’s irritation. Considering New Horizon’s already tedious crafting system, repeatedly building egg-themed furniture for sale became a pain in itself.

4 It’s a bird; It’s a plane; No, it’s another heavenly egg!

While most fan complaints were about the abundance of water eggs replacing fish, replacing regular balloon drops with heavenly eggs was even more infuriating for some. At the start of New Horizons, new players eagerly looked forward to knocking down balloons as it gave them the opportunity to learn an exciting new DIY recipe.

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As Bunny Day took place in April, it coincided with Cherry Blossom Season, during which players had limited time to get all of the Cherry Blossom recipes that were exclusively dropped from balloons. Unfortunately, many players weren’t able to get all of these recipes as the majority of the balloons had become Bunny Day themed.

3 Sit in the corner and think about what you’ve been up to

Most players have now had fun with New Horizons’ fence-building mechanic, using DIY fences and iron bars to temporarily trap unconscious villagers and visitors to their island. It was only a matter of time then until players turned their innate desire to trap their neighbors to Zipper.

The annoying man in the bunny costume, who happily danced amid the confusion he was making on Player Island, was a perfect candidate for annulment and incarceration. Many players are probably building prisons for Zipper again now that he’s back.

2 Sell ​​all bugs

During the craziness of the days leading up to Bunny Day, classic tasks like catching fish, digging up fossils, chopping wood, shooting balloons, slamming rocks, and shaking trees no longer produced their typical items. Almost all of the game’s main mechanics have changed into some sort of Easter egg hunt.

Because catching bugs was the only mechanic uncontaminated by eggs, players who needed to get Bells to pay off their loans resorted to full-time bug research. So it was no surprise that players turned to tarantula to earn money during this period.

1 The last disappointment

Aladdin holding a Bunny Day wand in disappointment

After players endured the frustrations of the Bunny Day event and crafted each egg item a few times, it was finally time to talk to Zipper on Rabbit Day and receive the reward. After crafting even more new egg-shaped items on the same day, players finally received the Zipper’s reward, which was yet another starry wand, this one with an egg motif.

Considering that all of the Star Wands are functionally the same item, the Bunny Day Wand has been a huge disappointment for many players, and the mix of anger and confusion on Aladdin’s face perfectly captures the disappointment and betrayal felt by the players at the end of Bunny Day.

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