$20,000 to be won in a scavenger hunt in Utah

SALT LAKE CITY — Those looking to get rich need to channel their inner pirate this week, as $20,000 should be found somewhere on the trails of Utah.

The third annual Utah Scavenger Hunt kicks off Friday when organizers release the first clue in the form of a poem.

Real estate investors David Cline and John Maxim are hosting the event again in hopes of getting more people out and enjoying the great outdoors of Utah as they hunt for the spoils.

“We’re kids at heart, so we always thought if we ever had money as adults, what would be great?” said Celine. “We just wanted a safe way for people to get out.”

The hunt is for all ages, with no climbing skills or shovels necessary.

“We want everyone to know that you don’t have to do anything crazy!” cried Celine.

Cline and Maxim will hide the treasure on Wednesday wearing disguises so they won’t be recognized. After the release of the main index on Friday, weekly indices will follow cline and Maxim’s Instagram Pages.

Up to 6,000 people took part in the first hunt when the treasure was discovered in just four days. Last year, it took a group of 20,000 participants 17 days to win the prize.

“We were kind of ready to do it because people were going crazy,” Maxim said. “We’re trying to let people speed it up a bit this time, but I don’t know if they can know there’s that much money.”

As for the price itself, the duo plan to keep the treasure at $20,000 for one important reason.

“If it’s too much, I think it brings out a lot of crazy people and it just gets dangerous. So it’s still fun,” Cline explained.

Maxim and Cline both agree that seeing a wide range of participants, from high schoolers to retirees, is what makes them smile during the hunt. A feature they hope to continue this year.

“All we want is for it to be open to anyone who wants to do it, and for it to be as fair as possible. That’s what makes it fun.”

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