5 tips to help your car go 200,000 miles or more

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Most owners switch cars every few years, but with increasing economic uncertainty, many potential buyers want their journey to last as long as possible. Which is logical. Between higher interest rates, inflation and supply chain issues, many drivers want to wait and see if circumstances improve before jumping into the vehicle market.

So how do you make that beloved ride sitting in your driveway last 200,000 miles? It’s actually not that difficult. Most modern cars are well built and are able to last about as long as you want them to. Focus on need.

Nerd Wallet, shared a quote from AAA’s Director of Repair Systems, David Bennett, saying, “It really comes down to the maintenance and upkeep of the vehicle – and maybe a little luck.”

Here are seven tips for hitting 200,000 miles — and beyond.

Be aware of required maintenance – and do it

While you’re probably not the first person to go months or even years without addressing required maintenance items, you’re probably not the last to pay the price for severe vehicular neglect either.

Each vehicle comes with a required maintenance schedule. It’s a maintenance item schedule, put together by the same engineers who, well, designed your car. They know a lot more about how to make cars last than the average person, so it’s probably wise to trust the service intervals printed in your owner’s manual, says Nerd Wallet’s Philip Reed.

In short: neglecting major maintenance items such as timing belt replacement, as well as minor services such as regular oil changes, tire replacements and fluid changes can seriously hamper your chances of winning. reach 200,000 kilometers in your old candy. Bring your car to your local Ken Garff dealership for top-notch maintenance and safety maintenance. You might even be able to book your appointment online, depending on the dealership.

Change your mindset

If you want to push your car past 200,000 miles or more (not literally push, but you get the idea), you’ll need a mindset of prevention rather than repair. Sometimes owners do this for the sake of frugality. It stems from an irrational fear that car expenses are to be avoided like bowling in Provo after 11 p.m.

However, saving in the moment can end up costing a lot more down the road. Sure, it might seem like a good idea to save $75 and forgo fluids recommended by your mechanic, but doing so is setting yourself up for trouble later.

In the event of a major component failure or replacement in your vehicle, you will quickly find that paying for routine maintenance would have been much cheaper than enduring the frustration, cost and inconvenience of a van. broke down on the way to Disneyland with six children.

Be prepared to be inconvenienced

Driving up to 200,000 miles and exceeding them will inevitably bring inconvenience to your life. Fortunately, service departments like those at Ken Garff dealerships can help you in the event of a disaster. Whether it’s a blown radiator, worn heater core, dead alternator, or any other major service item, you can expect to shell out money and time to get it right. your car continues to run.

If you’re prepared for the occasional planned and unplanned days spent at the store, you should have no problem getting your car to the desired mileage. Going 200,000 miles and beyond depends on how much hassle you’re willing to put up with – and what you’re willing to pay for any repairs.

5 tips to help your car go 200,000 miles or more
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keep it clean

You’d be surprised how well keeping your car’s interior and exterior clean and trim can make it last a long time, but it’s true. Vacuuming, waxing, washing, wiping – it’s all part of the deal if you want your car to keep rolling.

Get your car detailed and you might fall in love with it all over again. A deep cleaning might be just what you need to remember why you bought the car in the first place.

Receive expert help

While DIY projects are fun for about half an hour on a Saturday morning, there are far better ways to pass your time than watching endless YouTube videos on how to replace your car’s window actuator switch. your 1992 Acura Integra.

Instead, head to the experts at Ken Garff and let your worries melt away. Your family will thank you later.

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