Action Target Inc. Announces New Steel Target Training System

PROVO, Utah–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Target Action Inc., the world leader in modern live-fire ranges, announces its new portable steel target system, the PT RangerMT, is now available for purchase. The PT Ranger is a rugged, portable, and rapidly deployable target system for pistol and rifle scenarios. Designed for high volume shooting – the PT Ranger is one of the most complete and comprehensive steel target training systems on the market.

Deployment of the target system is quick and effortless, with quickly deployable legs that easily unfold with no securing pins or tools required for setup. Utilizing a single, separately purchased 2×4 sheathed in the center of its base, the PT Ranger is designed with different shooting scenarios in mind to maximize the shooting experience for all shooters.

The PT Ranger is available in standard and armored steel and will launch with five new steel silhouette targets exclusive to the PT Ranger. These targets include a Vital Organ Target with Reactive Vital Hit Zone plus T Zone and a Reactive Hostage Scenario Target with a six-inch swivel head plate to develop and hone your shooting skills. The PT Ranger can also be used with the existing range of 20 interchangeable Action Target Headplates from our PT Scout range, all made from high quality AR500 or AR550 steel.

All PT Ranger targets are upgraded with a true fifteen degree base target angle for improved shooting safety. The low-profile design lets you store as many PT Rangers as you need, and the integrated handle and lightweight setup make it effortless to carry and deploy multiple targets anywhere you shoot, allowing for more grip time of sight.

There is nothing that compares to steel turning. The PT Ranger provides a safe and clean shooting experience, enhancing your next day at the range, no matter what type of shooter you are. Enhance your next shooting experience by getting the Action Target PT Ranger. Visit

About Action Target Inc.

Action Target is the world’s leading expert in modern shooting ranges. Since 1986, the company has partnered with thousands of range owners worldwide to design, install and maintain world-class ranges, systems and equipment for law enforcement markets. , military, educational, commercial and residential. Action Target provides solutions and services for indoor/outdoor shooting ranges, modular shooting ranges and shooting galleries. Supported products include Ballistic Shooting Range, Smart Target Retrievers, Reactive Targets, Steel and Rubber Bullet Traps, Enclosure Baffles, Security Systems, Lighting, Ventilation, Smart Range AXISMT range control system and 3-year warranty on key products. As the broadest end-to-end solutions provider in the industry, Action Target also offers a comprehensive selection of aftermarket line services, including parts and maintenance programs, trap cleaning in rubber, metal recycling, hazardous waste disposal and filters, and an online store for range supplies. . Learn more about Action Target at

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