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In this undated photo, Allegiant flight attendants receive training before taking to the air.

Courtesy of Allegiant Air

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In this undated photo, Allegiant Air flight attendants receive training before first flights.

Courtesy of Allegiant Air

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Passengers walk up a passenger ramp to board their Allegiant Air flight at Provo Municipal Airport Thursday, April 16, 2020.

Isaac Hale, Daily Herald file photo

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Passengers depart an Allegiant Air flight at Provo Municipal Airport Thursday, April 16, 2020.

Isaac Hale, Daily Herald file photo

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By Nov. 16, Provo airport will be prepped and ready to fly as the Utah home base for Allegiant Air, headquartered in Las Vegas.

In the meantime, much remains to be done, including the hiring of 60 new flight attendants who will live and be based in and around Provo.

Over the next few months, Allegiant talent scouts will host several information sessions in Provo to speak with members of the airline community and the benefits of being a flight attendant.

Training will begin in mid-September in Las Vegas, according to the airline, and accommodation will be provided.

“It’s one of the most rewarding and fun careers you can have,” said Tracy Tulle, senior vice president of flight crew operations. “Flight attendants become like their own kind of family. They help create an amazing experience for passengers going on vacation and, in return, they get perks that allow them to travel the world.

According to Allen Thieman, vice president of flight crew planning, people may have misconceptions about who can become a flight attendant, when the reality, he said, is that “our flight attendants have a wide range of stories and backgrounds”.

“Some of our flight attendants are new to the job market, while others have decided to start a new career after retiring from another. We are looking for flight attendants who reflect the diversity of our passengers added Thieman.

There are four attendants and four reserve attendants for each aircraft. By November, Provo Airport will offer 11 roundtrip destinations, which means flight attendants will fly in and out each day so they can sleep in their own beds, allowing for a balance healthier work-life, according to the company.

“Our group of flight attendants is incredibly diverse. Some of our flight attendants are new to the job market, but many are also recent retirees who are finally starting their dream careers. The new team members who start flight attendant training really come from all walks of life,” Tulle said.

Thieman started as a flight attendant with Allegiant 16 years ago while attending college. He was based in Orlando and found that after college he earned more with the airline than his career choice and enjoyed the opportunities and perks it offered.

The initial four-week training takes place at Allegiant’s corporate headquarters in Las Vegas. “Some may be apprehensive,” Thieman said. “They start and end together as a class. Some of you will become best friends.

Flight attendants are more than just glorified soda and peanut dispensers, Thieman said, they are safety professionals. More time is spent learning how to ensure customer safety than customer service, although that is important.

Aircraft based in Provo are Airbus A320s with a capacity of 156 to 186 passengers depending on length.

Although there are some specific requirements for flight attendants – like they must be 21 or older, pass background checks, etc. – there are many benefits, according to Thieman.

Employees and their eligible dependents fly for free on Allegiant and enjoy deeply discounted fares on many partner airlines around the world, including United, Southwest, Alaska Airlines, Virgin Atlantic and Emirates, among a few.

Employees receive semi-annual profit-sharing bonuses, a matched 401(k) with immediate vesting, an employee stock purchase plan, and tuition reimbursement.

Allegiant began operating out of Provo Airport in 2013 and currently offers 11 nonstop routes: Austin and Houston, Texas; St. Petersburg-Clearwater and Sanford, Florida; Phoenix and Mesa, Arizona; Palm Springs, Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego, California; and Las Vegas, Nevada. To date, Allegiant has transported over 700,000 passengers through Provo.

Allegiant recently invested $95 million to open a four-aircraft base at Provo Airport that will create more than 150 jobs.

For more information on becoming a flight attendant, including how and where to apply, visit the Allegiant careers page at


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