An updated look at the BYU 2021-2022 basketball roster

After BYU’s loss to UCLA in the NCAA tournament, BYU coaching staff lobbied the field to sign Matt Haarms and Alex Barcello to Provo for one more season. According to Defeat the enemy‘s Robby McCombs, Haarms has informed the coaching staff that he will not be returning to BYU for another season. Alex Barcello has not announced his plans for next season.

Without Haarms, let’s take a look at the BYU basketball roster for next season.

Returning players

  • # 25 Gavin Baxter
  • # 0 Hunter Erickson
  • # 5 Gideon George
  • # 44 Connor Harding
  • # 42 Richard Harward
  • # 20 Spencer Johnson
  • # 21 Trevin Knell
  • # 40 Kolby Lee
  • # 33 Caleb Lohner
  • # 1 Wyatt Lowell
  • # 15 Cameron Pearson
  • # 24 Townsend Tripple
  • # 10 Jesse Wade
  • # 2 Brandon Warr

BYU has some young talent returning next season, namely Caleb Lohner, Gideon George and Gavin Baxter if he can be healthy. However, BYU lacks bullet handlers and shot creators from this group. Until he announces his decision, Alex Barcello is BYU’s most important recruiting target this offseason.

Given BYU’s need for a guard or two, BYU has targeted several playmakers in the transfer portal over the past month. Although the Cougars have been finalists for many players, they have yet to land their guy.

Incoming recipients

  • Fousseyni Traore (F)
  • Atiki Ally Atiki (C, not yet officially signed)
  • Nate Hansen (PG)
  • Trey Stewart (L)

Atiki Ally Atiki has the potential to be a very good player for BYU, but it might take a few years for him to develop. Traor̩ is in a similar situation Рhigh ceiling but he may need a little time to develop. Nate Hansen will return home after a mission. Trey Stewart is an athletic guard who was a late addition to the 2019 class, he returned home from his assignment today.

Pending decisions

Matt Haarms won’t be returning to BYU for another season, those were his plans from the start. Brandon Averette who joined the Dallas Heat, neither an EBA team.

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