Antonio Pierce frustrated with ugly second quarter blackouts

PROVO, Utah – Arizona State Defensive Coordinator Antonio Pierce saw his defense give up four goals over 20 yards in a horrific second quarter of a 27-17 BYU win that included a particularly expensive flicker touchdown.

“Disappointing because the first half was really four of those games,” said Pierce. “Things popped up, especially the two touchdowns where the guys were covered and then opened up. I have to do a better job. I wish I had had a better response. It’s the little things that make you beat and it caught up with us. .

“We knew they were going to take pictures. One-on-one clashes. Stick with your man, eyes, just do your job. It’s pretty self-explanatory.”

Pierce also said the Sun Devils shouldn’t be committing as many penalties, including two 15-yard face mask penalties by the first-year defensive lineman. Omarr norman lott.

“We’ve seen it for three straight weeks now, so there must be consequences,” he said. “It must be a reaction to these actions that are happening on the ground.”

Watch all of Pierce’s post-game commentary in the video above.

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