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OGDEN – Officials in the town of Ogden say their parking ticket program is not sustainable, so they are proposing an increase in the cost of violations.

The city’s tax operations office recently analyzed the parking ticket fees distributed over the past six years, concluding that what is currently being charged is not enough to pay for the program for much longer.

The city’s senior accountant, Gabe Johns, said that compared to cities of similar size, Ogden’s fees are too low. For example, the minimum charges for Provo and Park City are over $ 100 more than Ogden currently charges.

The main reason Ogden charges lower fees, Johns said, is the city’s “tiered fee reduction system”. In the system, if parking tickets are paid within 10 days, the fee is reduced by $ 90. If tickets are paid for within 10-20 days, the fee is reduced by $ 60. If tickets are paid within 20 to 30 days, the fee is reduced by $ 30. After 30 days there is no reduction. Right now, if a person gets a parking ticket for going over time at a particular location and pays within 10 days, the fee is only $ 10. If they pay after 30 days, the amount jumps to $ 100.

Johns said the incentive to pay early has resulted in about 60% of all parking tickets being paid within 10 days, dramatically reducing the amount of money in the program. As a result, the city administration proposes to increase the minimum fees. Fees vary depending on the type of parking violation a person is cited for, but for overtime violations the minimum fee would more than double from the current rate of $ 10, up to $ 25. The cost would reach a maximum of $ 105 after 30 days or more of non-payment. Minimum fines for most other offenses (all except parking in spaces for people with disabilities) would be $ 35 and a maximum of $ 115. Illegal parking in a place for people with disabilities would go from $ 110 to $ 120, with the same maximum fine of $ 200.

“We try to make sure that the program covers itself, in terms of the revenue collected, against the costs that we incur,” Johns said.

According to the proposal, payment terms would be increased by several days, so that the first payment term would be increased to 15 days instead of 10. Johns said the proposal will not change the types of parking infractions for which Ogden is currently quoting and is not intended to address the larger parking problem in the city as a whole. Under the new program, citations would also contain more specific information about infractions and when they are due and how prices change on specific deadlines.

Ogden Chief Executive Officer Mark Johnson said the city sees the majority of parking violations occurring around Weber State University and throughout Ogden’s central business district, which stretches from 20th to 27th Street between Wall and Adams avenues.

Johnson said the city plans to switch to a downtown parking meter system in the relatively near future.


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