Biden’s first year in the White House? Utah Reps Owens and Moore weigh in

SALT LAKE CITY — During a two-hour press conference Wednesday at the White House, President Joe Biden extolled the accomplishments of his first year in office.

Later, Inside Sources host Boyd Matheson asked both Utah Republican Representatives Burgess Owens, 4th Congressional District, and Blake Moore, 1st Congressional District, their views on the performance of the President over the past year.

Representative Owens on the President’s first year in office

Representative Burgess Owens
Spenser Heaps, Deseret News

“I think America now sees – it’s no longer hypothetical – what socialism looks like. I think it’s important that we recognize that it may feel good, but when we start to feel the pain of it, it’s not good for any of us,” Owens said, adding that Mr Biden had failed. in these categories:

  • open borders,
  • inflation,
  • emboldening adversaries,
  • the “botched” withdrawal from Afghanistan,
  • government exaggeration, and
  • constitutional mandates.

Regarding open borders, Owens said, “We’ve lost 100,000 Americans this year to fentanyl and drugs coming across the border. We have a president who hasn’t talked about it, who doesn’t care. . . . Every town is now a border town, so whether it’s drugs, COVID, crime, we’re all now very close to the border in terms of what can happen in our community,” Owens said.

“In any area where you feel like the president did the right thing or whatever, you can say, ‘Hey, I’m glad he did that? ‘” Boyd asked.

“I’m sorry to say no. I mean, I have to be totally honest. If there was anything I could say it’s a positive, I would say yes, but there are no positives that I’ve seen in the last year,” Owens said.

On January 6, 2021, within hours of the attack on the Capitol, Owens voted to reject state-certified election results from Arizona and/or Pennsylvania (states narrowly won by Democrats) , which would have excluded them from the Electoral College. account that determined the next president of the United States and potentially changed the outcome of the election, according to govtrack.

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Rep. Moore on Biden’s freshman year

Representative Blake Moore

“When you think back to the president’s first year in office, what do you think?” Boyd asked.

After the 2020-2021 U.S. Senate special election in Georgia, Democrat Raphael Warnock defeated Republican incumbent named Kelly Loeffler and Democrat Jon Ossoff defeated Republican incumbent David Perdue, “Joe Biden kind of flipped, and he has become much more liberal. He didn’t try to be collaborative in any way,” Moore said. He cited the following areas where Mr. Biden failed in his first year in office:

  • inflation
  • increased energy costs
  • “The US-Mexico border is a complete mess” and
  • “botched” withdrawal from Afghanistan.

“What are you saying to the president in terms of what needs to happen as we try to move the country forward?” Boyd asked.

“Don’t demonize the brave few Democrats in office right now who are pushing back on things like removing the filibuster,” Moore said. “I believe behind [Sens. Joe] Manchin and [Kyrsten] Sinema, there are several other Democratic senators who are actually very supportive of [the filibuster]. They can’t be bold enough to come out front and take those arrows.

“What should the Republican Party do by offering an alternative to the Biden administration?” Boyd asked.

As a member of the House Energy, Climate and Conservation Task Force, Moore said, “Biden is imposing moratoriums that have not been helpful, that have directly increased energy costs. If we can go show how we would fix that, that’s your equation for reducing energy costs.

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