Briefly press the pause button in summer weather

UTAH (ABC4) — It seems almost unthinkable that Salt Lake City could set a record high temperature on Sunday and then struggle to hit 70 the next day. However, that’s what happens when we finally get out of the grip of last week’s high pressure system and leave just enough room for a low pressure system to surrender and bring a front cold.

Northern Utah will see scattered showers late in the evening and even possibly early Tuesday morning before the low pressure moves. This will give the region much-needed humidity, but will also cause temperatures to plummet after hitting 102 on Sunday (a record high). We are looking at 68 for a high in Salt Lake City and most of the northern part of the state will see its highs about 20 degrees below normal. We even see snow in the mountains.

The trend will change again from Wednesday when another high pressure system kicks in and temperatures rise rapidly. Salt Lake could be looking at another triple digit day this Friday! But as this yo-yo weather pattern continues, we may see rain again for the weekend. We will keep an eye on all of this.

For southern Utah, wind and fire danger will be the primary weather items to watch. We will see gusts of over 50 miles per hour along the southeastern part of Beehive State, and just like those bees, the wind will continue to hum. The winds will be particularly strong in the hottest part of the day and, fortunately, will be less violent on Tuesday. But all it takes is a little wind to start a major fire, so be careful if you’re outside. Wind and fire advisories will be in place for much of the south and east through Monday evening.

Temperatures will also drop a bit in the south, but not as extreme as in northern Utah. We will see a drop of 10 degrees or more from previous marks over the weekend for Monday and Tuesday, but they will begin their ascent on Wednesday. There’s a chance that southern Utah could see some rain on Saturday, which is great news for anyone worried about dry conditions and fire danger. Is it an early start to the monsoon season? Time will tell us.

At the end of the line ? We will see a few days of cooler weather, strong winds and even some humidity before our next high pressure system arrives on Wednesday.

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