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Imperial Adventure | Drink | Salt lake city

We Americans love to take anything in its standard form, adopt it, and then amplify it into something new. This is what we do and, for the most part, we do it well. Beers in particular have benefited from this approach. If the proven version of a style is brilliant, …

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End of summer | Film reviews | Salt lake city

For decades, the first full weekend in May marked an unofficial start to the summer film season. That was supposed to be true in 2020 as well, with a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie – the standalone spin-off. Black Widow—Start things out the way the Marvel movies have done for most …

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Made with guns | Opinion | Salt lake city

Click to enlarge Another April is gone. Each year when “the cruelest month” rolls around, I find myself reflecting on a tragic event from over two decades ago that shaped my teenage years. Few can forget the day two students from Littleton, Colo., Columbine High, engaged in a shootout that …

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