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Prisoners of their environment
The state is moving its prisoners to an industrial, mosquito-infested area in Salt Lake City, and it’s time to pay attention to the connection between incarceration and the environment. Take a short hike to Prison ecology and the advent of a new world with environmentalist Dr. Nalini Nadkarni and University of Utah Prison Education Program organizer Uyen Hoang, as they discuss their work “on prison ecology involving the intersections between the incarceration of mass and environmental degradation”. Across the country, prisoners are trapped in toxic conditions like contaminated drinking water or, in the Salt Lake Valley, polluted air. This experience is part of Humanities in the Wild, “an outdoor exploratory experience that allows participants to step into the landscapes that have inspired some of the greatest literature of the American West.” Swaner Preserve & EcoCenter, 1258 Center Drive, Park City, Thursday, September 8, 6 p.m. Free / register at

Fight the gravel pits
Utah’s Oil, Gas and Mining Division has approved Jesse Lassley/Granite Construction’s application for a 20-acre limestone quarry in Parleys Canyon, just as Geneva attempts to expand its gravel quarry at Point of the Mountain. “The future of the Salt Lake Valley and Utah’s capital should not be clouded (literally) by the continuing dust from the gravel pits in the heart of where 2 million people live and work,” writes the Utah Doctors for a Healthy Environment. Make your voice heard by contacting the division, writing to the newspapers and signing a petition.

Democracy at stake
No one knows how the Supreme Court will deal with voting rights, but if our recent past is any indication, it won’t be good. Join the National Voter Corps in a Call to action! Our democracy is at stake! by calling US Senator Mitt Romney and writing letters to the editor. Romney voted against the Free Suffrage Act, although it’s unclear why. Republicans generally don’t like a provision to reveal donor names because, as the High Court said in its Citizens United decision, money is “freedom of speech.” If you believe that all citizens should be able to vote without undue barriers, then get active. Election integrity is stifled and voters are removed from the lists without due process. Voting is a right which, if left to individual states, will only be available to a few.

The story of an African girl
As women face hardship and discrimination around the world, there may be hope for some. Finding Hope in Difficulties: Experiences of an African Refugee will introduce you to the African Girls Hope Foundation, which provides girls in sub-Saharan Africa with quality formal education. “By empowering them through education, these girls will gain the knowledge and confidence to grow into women who will contribute positively to their communities, nations and the world.” Dr. Grace Faraja Nkundabantu, CEO of the foundation, will speak about opportunities and challenges. U of U Hinckley Institute of Politics, 60 S. Central Campus Drive, Room 2018/virtual, Wednesday, September 7, noon, free.

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