Community groups in Utah unite to stop underage drinking

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CLEARFIELD — Families want to see their children grow into adulthood and continue to enjoy life. That’s why 16 community partners, including construction and public safety vehicles, hit the roads of Davis County Thursday to spread the word about preventing underage drinking.

Stickers and signs on cars and other vehicles served as a visual reminder to help families have honest, real conversations with their children about preventing underage drinking.

Research shows that children who start drinking before the age of 15 are four times more likely to become dependent on alcohol in their lifetime.

Plus, spending some quality time with the family does a lot of good. We are told that parents who spend at least 10-15 minutes with their child each day and are involved in what their child enjoys are less likely to drink when they are underage.

Data from Utah shows that parents are powerful influencers, with strong parental disapproval of underage drinking being the #1 reason children choose not to drink.

“Having parents talk to their children about the risk of underage drinking helps us prevent this and helps them grow up with a healthy mind, and not have the addiction that can come with drinking. underage drinking,” said Gladyris Larsen, president of North Davis Communities That Care.

The meeting took place Thursday at the headquarters of Morgan Pavement.

Last year they said they had 181 vehicles driving across the state. Traveling two million kilometres, they carried the message on the prevention of alcohol consumption among minors.

This year they are back on the road to spread the same message.

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