Crews begin to improve safety on the North Ogden Divide

NORTH OGDEN, Utah —The steep and twisty five-mile North Ogden Divide was closed on Monday so crews could get to work on safety improvements.

It will take about a month to complete work on what some consider a dangerous canyon road.

Many people send their children to Weber High School by this route. This is the fastest route between Liberty and North Ogden.

Hannah Dean said: ‘I didn’t like driving it at all. I would try to drive it as little as possible.

She understands why improvements are needed. She called the North Ogden Divide daunting and scary.

“I was already super nervous about it, so I was going to the speed limit,” she said.

In December 2020, Dean reluctantly drove down the ditch to see his family when they hit a mound of snow.

“And I hit the one corner which was a little sharp and I ended up going off and it was really scary. I never thought something like that would happen to me,” Dean said.

It was a 600 foot fall that totaled his car. She left without a scratch.

“I was just amazed that I was still alive. I was like ‘how did I survive this?’ I was lucky to have my seatbelt and all my airbags deployed,” she said.

People have been worried about the fracture for years.

Addressing safety issues became a priority as more people began riding it as Weber County experienced rapid growth.

“Our engineers felt that we really needed to put this on a priority list,” Weber County Commissioner Gage Froerer said. “Actually, it’s been looked at probably over the last five or six years.”

Crews will add a new surface two inches thick. New higher railings are also planned.

“I was super happy and relieved to hear about the improvements,” Dean said. She would like to see more railings. “I mean, I know it’s expensive, but how do you put a price tag on saving someone’s life?”

The work is scheduled to be completed around July 1.

About two years ago, workers completed a $2.6 million project to fix drainage issues and reduce erosion along the road.

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