Crowdsourced Comedy presents LGBTQ+ friendly comedy for Salt Lake City comedy fans

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – “Tina Fey is my inspiration,” says Craig Sorensen, co-founder and executive producer of Crowdsourced Comedy, a rising improv comedy troupe. Their most recent show in downtown SLC sold over 100 tickets.

Crowdsourced Comedy was founded in 2015 by Sorensen, a self-identified gay man, along with Jasmine Lewis and Andrew Sproge. The troupe and several others started doing comedies in Utah County, but decided to move to Salt Lake City so they wouldn’t have to “do ‘PG’ comedy all the time,” according to Sorensen. This decision and Crowdsourced Comedy’s edgy performances have resulted in a relatively large alternative comedy community in SLC that continues to grow.

“We wanted to create a community that accepts people for who they are, and that is not sexist, racist or homophobic. We don’t do stupid, cheap comedy,” Sorensen says. He now has 15 years of comedy experience and describes Crowdsourced as “incredibly busy” since the COVID-19 pandemic slowed down.

Sorensen references “Chicago and LA” comedy traditions as inspiration for Crowdsourced’s style, which is based more on improvisation and sketch work than stand-up. He also describes their style as “adult themed”, which is quite unique to Salt Lake City and Utah in general. “We want to be able to say the F-word,” Sorensen said teasingly.

Crowdsourced Comedy also offers improv, stand-up, and other comedy lessons to customers, with a focus on LGBTQ+ inclusion practices.

When asked what he loves most about his job, Sorensen said that they “create a comic community together. I hang out with some really dumb people and they’ve become my best friends.

When asked what Sorensen wants Utahns to know about crowdsourcing, he said they “have attracted a diverse community because of the people they are, and they want to raise those voices” in Utah. Sorensen indicated that despite this community, they “love to entertain everyone”, and can tailor their performances to any audience or client, “PG to R rated.” »

Finally, Sorensen commented that they “are actually funny people” and encouraged any Utahns curious about alternative comedy to appreciate their work.

You can find Crowdsourced on their website, including their individual social networks, event times and locations, and information about private bookings.

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