Davis School District partners with community leaders to fight racism

FARMINGTON Utah. (ABC4) – The Davis School District is partnering with leaders such as First Lady of Utah Abby Cox, Col. Jenise Carroll, the installation commander at Hill Air Force Base and the County Commissioner of Davis, Bob Stevenson, to Address Racism in Schools and the Community. Each partner brings unique ideas to the table.

“Let’s talk about the issues in our schools and make sure families when settling in are aware of what the district is doing. That’s what I think we can do from a grassroots perspective, ”said Colonel Carroll.

“We believe that all inclusive education involves participation in sports with children with disabilities, without disabilities, of all abilities and of race. We think it’s a great way to provide that kind of inclusive environment for our schools, ”said First Lady Cox.

The school district already has ongoing racial bias training to address the issue and plans to hold meetings with new partners to better understand what needs to be done to make Davis County a more inclusive community.

In addition, a video promoting inclusion among children will be released on Monday. Many believe this is especially important after the suicide of Izzy Tichenor, a ten-year-old black girl with autism. Her mother says Izzy was bullied at school because of the color of her skin.

While the district admits these are just steps to tackle a much larger problem, community leaders say they are steps in the right direction to make the district a better place for everyone.

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