Denver employee Wendy accused of exposing himself to a customer

DENVER – Following a recent report from Denver7 Investigates, a Denver woman says she now lives in fear because a man who she says victimized her was released on a personal engagement.

“When I turned my head I said, ‘Oh my god! “I said no, no, please, no,” said the woman, who asked Denver7 not to release her name or show her image because she feared for her safety.

Court documents and details provided by the Denver woman detail an incident that occurred when she visited a fast food restaurant in October.

“I saw him masturbate,” she said. “It was really disgusting, really scary.”

According to his statements and court documents, the incident took place at a Wendy’s restaurant on the corner of East Colfax Avenue and Emerson Street in Denver. The victim says that after the incident, she burst into tears about two blocks from the fast food restaurant and then called the police to report what had happened.

The arrest warrant obtained by Denver7 Investigates details how police linked Redmond Ogden to two other allegations of indecent assault. An incident happened just five hours before the incident at Wendy’s. A second victim reported to police that a man, later identified as Ogden, exposed himself on an RTD bus. She recorded the incident on her cell phone camera and provided it to the police.

A third incident detailed in the arrest warrant affidavit occurred in March where Ogden is accused of exposing himself while walking through a Denver crosswalk.

Following her report on Wendy’s incident, the victim said police called her and picked Ogden, 34, from a queue.

“I don’t want him to see my face. It’s like I’m really scared, “she said, explaining why she wanted to remain anonymous.” I wrote a letter to the judge saying I don’t think it’s fair for you to let him. come out with a public relations obligation. “

She said a magistrate’s decision to give Ogden a public relations bond was “sad” and “unfair.”

A public relations bond means the accused criminal signs a document and is released from prison without having to pay any money to get out, but giving his word that he will return to court for future hearings.

Denver7 Investigates also obtained the recording of Ogden’s hearing in which he obtained the public relations bond. Ogden’s public defender said at the hearing that she believes a public relations bond is still appropriate, despite the accusations.

The Denver District Attorney’s Office countered by asking for monetary bail, citing the frequency of the incidents and noting that one of the victims wrote a letter to the court asking for high bail.

Denver7 Investigates also uncovered Ogden’s California criminal record which shows seven counts of obscene conduct and sexual violence in August of this year.

After hearing arguments from the public defender and the prosecutor, the Denver magistrate said she found Ogden’s alleged behavior alarming. However, she decided to give him a public relations bond.

“It’s extremely frustrating,” Denver Police Chief Paul Pazen said in reaction to the magistrate’s ruling. “It’s frustrating in this particular case and continues to be because I see too many examples of exactly like this.”

An analysis of forensic data from Jan. 1 to Sept. 8, 2021 found that 17 cases of indecent exposure were granted PR or $ 1 bail in Denver. The review found that 12 other cases of sexual assault or sexual contact in Denver had also received public relations bail.

Earlier this year, Denver7 Investigates examined court records and found that judges and magistrates had issued public relations bonds to 3,690 accused felons. Records showed that these individuals were charged with committing nearly 8,000 serious crimes in Denver.

The data review also found that 32% of those 3,690 accused felons did not show up for a future court hearing after getting a PR bond and vowing to return.

“The numbers are shocking,” Pazen said. “This reveals a big challenge we face and we need to do something about it.”

Pazen’s concern was echoed by the woman who contacted Denver7.

“The justice system, I thought they were supposed to serve and protect,” she said. “They serve, but they don’t protect. “

Denver7 Investigates has contacted Wendy’s corporate headquarters, requesting an on-camera interview to respond to the victim’s charges. Wendy’s declined, but said the on-site franchisee had cooperated with law enforcement and the suspect no longer worked for Wendy’s.

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