Federal funding used to ensure the health and safety of students and staff


By Rick Palsgrove
Groveport Editor

Staff at Groveport Madison Schools use federal funds to strengthen the school for students in the district.

The district received federal funding from the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER).

“This money will be used to help the district prevent, prepare for and respond to the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Galilee Ogden, director of Globeport Madison.

Ogden pointed out that ESSER was funded by the federal government and was not funded from general district financial resources for the projects listed below. She also said there were no plans to require voters to approve operating taxes by 2024.

Last fall, Groveport Madison received $ 1.9 million in ESSER1. It has been used to pay teachers working at the Cruiser Digital Academy and to provide personal protective equipment to protect them from the coronavirus.

This spring, the district received $ 8.3 million in ESSER 2 funding. This money will be used to fund the entire district this summer. CruiserConnect program (see the history of this program on the Messenger site). Pay eight coaches for teachers to help classroom reading and math instruction and the integration of 200 preschool tablet computer technology. Refunds for lost and repaired Chromebook computers. Update staff Chromebooks as needed.

“The ESSER2 fund has also helped finance the massive construction of facilities that will take place in our building this summer to create a safer and healthier environment for students and staff,” said Ogden. I go.

These district-wide facility projects include: HVAC upgrades that help purify the air in schools by killing viruses, bacteria, bacteria and mold. Replace fluorescent lights with more efficient LED lighting (except in high schools that already have LED lighting). Replace the toilet faucet with a touchless faucet and replace the sink if necessary. More personal protective equipment and cleaning products. Replace the water cooler with a new cooler containing a touchless water bottle filler. Additional furniture as needed. Features requested by students, such as a lunch table that allows adequate social distancing. New speaker kit for the K-2 class. Six helpers working with children who need a sensory break and a place to refocus before returning to class (one in each primary school). A computer access point for students who do not have Internet access at home. Arc detector for middle school, high school and toilets.

“The improved HVAC system means cleaner air for the kids,” says Ogden.

“As we move through the system, we take in more air to disinfect it,” added Jamie Groove, Deputy Police Officer Globeport Madison.

Jeff Warner, director of communications at Groveport Madison, said the new full spectrum LED lighting will create a better learning environment for students and save on district utilities.

According to Ogden, the idea to install an arc detector came from students worried about arcs and smoking at school.

“Arc detectors can detect smoke from marijuana, e-cigarettes, cigarettes, and fire. They can also detect loud noises, ”Ogden explains. “The detector alerts administrators, staff, principals and school resource personnel. If something happens, we can take immediate action.

Paving work in progress at Dunloe Primary School. (Photo courtesy of Groveport Madison Schools)

A portion of the ESSER 2 funding is intended to work in several specific school buildings, including: Improved asphalt needed for cobblestone playgrounds at elementary schools in Asbury, Dunloe, Glendening and Groveport. Roof replacement at Sedalia Primary School. Groveport Elementary School HVAC and Auditorium upgrades. We have replaced the old 2-classroom modular unit at Globeport Elementary with a new 4-classroom modular unit that includes a washroom.

“Groveport Elementary’s new modular module offers more space and better heating and cooling than the old modular module,” said Ogden.

“Replacing modular classrooms may reduce the pressure on the building, but it’s not a long-term solution to the overcrowded classrooms in the school district,” Grube added.

Groveport Madison Treasurer Felicia Drummey said those ESSER2 funds must be used up by September 2023.

ESSER3 funding
In March 2021, the district was informed that it could receive funding of $ 18.9 million for the Federal American Rescue Planning Act ESSER3, which is due to be spent by September 2024.

Ogden said decisions on how to spend that money would require input from the Globeport Madison Board of Education and the community. Citizens will be invited to speak at the board meeting at Globeport Management Office 4400 Marketing Place Suite B at 7:00 p.m. on June 22.

“We are also sending surveys to families in the district to ask students how they want to see how this money is being spent,” Ogden said. “The survey will be posted on our website gocruisers.org and will also be emailed to family and staff. “

The ESSER 3 Fund plan must be submitted to the Ohio Department of Education by August 20. The district will also post plans for a direct return to schools this fall on its website by June 24.

“Our ultimate goal is to bring our children and staff back to the classroom in a safe and healthy environment,” Ogden said.

Federal funding used to ensure the health and safety of students and staff


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