Forsmark Unit 1 celebrates 40 years of activity: Corporate

December 11, 2020

Vattenfall yesterday celebrated the 40th anniversary of the start of commercial operation of Unit 1 of the Forsmark nuclear power plant. The Swedish utility marks the occasion with an exhibition of photographs from the period of construction of the unit and its first year of operation.

Construction of unit 1 at the Forsmark plant (Image: Göran Hansson / Vattenfall)

Construction of the 900 MWe Boiling Water Reactor (BWR) began in October 1971. When completed, Forsmark 1 reached first criticality on April 23, 1980 and was connected to the grid on June 6, 1980. It entered in commercial operation on December 10, 1980. Since then, the unit has been increased to 990 MWe and supplied a total of approximately 280 TWh of electricity.

A worker at the Forsmark 1 construction site (Image: Göran Hansson / Vattenfall)

Two more REBs have since been built at Forsmark, Unit 2 entering commercial operation in July 1981 and Unit 3 following in August 1985.

“If you stop and think, it’s absolutely fantastic what has been achieved here in North Uppland, by people of different backgrounds and knowledge,” said Forsmark CEO Björn Linde. . “All of the Forsmarkers, both today’s employees and all those who got involved and contributed in various ways during the construction period and the 40 years we have produced fossil-free electricity, have all the reasons to be proud. “

An operator at Forsmark 1 during its first year of operation (Image: Göran Hansson / Vattenfall)

Although Swedish reactor operating licenses are not time-limited, the license to operate is subject to a periodic safety review submitted to the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM) every 10 years. In June 2019, SSM said Forsmark Units 1 and 2 can be safely operated for an additional 10 years, until 2028, taking them beyond their initial planned 40-year operation.

“We will continue to be an important part of the Swedish electricity supply for a long time, which is important given the ongoing electrification in industry and the transport sector,” Linde said.

Vattenfall marks the 40th anniversary of Forsmark 1 with an exhibition of photographs by nature photographer Göran Hansson, who has followed the development of the Forsmark factory for many years. Göran was hired in November 1973 to document the construction of the Forsmark plant from start to finish. Photos in the exhibition cover the period of construction of the unit, as well as its first year of operation. The exhibition will be on display in Forsmark and later at the Main Library in Östhammar, between December 22 and January 16.

A sample of some of the images in the exhibition can be viewed here.

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