Here’s how many people refuse the COVID-19 vaccine in Utah


As the omicron variant continues to spread, the national vaccination effort is more urgent than ever. Yet many Americans remain hesitant.

According to a recent survey by the US Census Bureau, 23,830,000 Americans – or 9.6% of the population 18 and older – say they are unlikely or definitely not going to get vaccinated.

Many Americans who haven’t yet been vaccinated cite one of three reasons: either they’re worried about possible side effects, or they want to wait and see if it’s safe, or they find it difficult to get a vaccine. Others cite different reasons.

Nationally, 14,120,000 people, 5.7% of the adult population, do not trust COVID-19 vaccines, and another 6,980,000, or 2.8%, do not believe COVID -19 is a great threat. Additionally, 12,130,000 American adults, or 4.9% of the population 18 and older, have not been vaccinated because they do not trust the government.

In Utah, about 267,100 adults, or 11.7%, say they are likely to refuse the vaccine. Of all adults in the state, 5.5% will refuse because they don’t specifically trust the COVID-19 vaccine, 5.7% because they don’t think COVID-19 is a big threat, and 6 .0% because they distrust the government.

Perhaps in part because of pockets of resistance, Utah is struggling to quickly vaccinate its population. So far, 63.4% of Utah’s population is fully immunized, compared to 65.2% of all Americans.

Meanwhile, the virus continues to spread. Since the start of the pandemic, there have been 905,112 confirmed cases of the virus in Utah, and a total of 4,223 residents have died from it.

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