“I’m so excited to be here”: SLC School District Superintendent talks about the new academy and the upcoming school year


SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Thursday was the first day for Salt Lake City’s new school district superintendent Timothy Gadson III. We first introduced you to the Superintendent last February.

Gadson takes over at a time when the neighborhood is facing a lot of adversity.

“I am really delighted to be here,” superintendent told Jason Nguyen of ABC4.

Dr. Gadson replaces Acting Superintendent Larry Madden. Madden retired from the district after leading the district through pandemic procedures.

“He’s amazing, and he’s on speed dial, he’s agreed to help me with, you know, my transition to that role, and he did it before I started, now that I’m official, he says it all. what I have to do is pick up the phone and call, ”says Dr. Gadson.

SLC Schools Dr Timothy Gadon III

The Doctor’s philosophy is to meet students and families where they are. Much of this relates to the needs of the community, starting with giving families the choice to send their children to school.

“Even without the delta variant, there are some families who still don’t feel comfortable coming back,” he says.

The district is running a virtual elementary academy online for some of these families, adding, “This program was developed to provide online education to our elementary school students.”

For ages 12 and up, the district has received excellent feedback on its immunization programs and is looking to continue them in high schools and eventually middle schools.

In terms of who’s leading the students, Dr. Gadson devoted most of his first-day principles to the meeting.

“Of course, we talked about some of the skill data, about how we’re going to make sure our students are ready for school for the whole year,” he says. “I will trust the skills and experience of these teachers to do what they have always done.

Salt Lake City School District

Superintendent Gadson says he’s doing his homework. He sees and hears about the teachers who come in their time to work with the students and help them get up to speed. The superintendent wants to expand offerings within schools, including mental health services.

“Mental health supports help students have a quality learning experience because we know that if they are not mentally healthy and worry about the trauma they are experiencing at home, they cannot attend a class. If they’re hungry, they can’t go to a classroom, ”says Dr. Gadson. “So we have our pantries, we provide clothes for children in need. These are the basic needs that we try to make sure we take care of so that students can attend in class. “

Going to class will be different this school year. Some students will be able to take ecological buses.

“I am delighted that we have four electric buses in our district. We’re the only district in Utah to have these electric buses, and we have four more in the fall, ”he tells us.

While there can be ups and downs, Dr. Gadson wants parents to know one thing: “My message to our parents is that their voices count and we want to hear them. “


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