Jades’ massage therapy, Ogden, gets 5 stars for effective massage therapies

Jane’s Therapeutic Massage offers effective massage therapies to help people dealing with stress, injury and recovery.

Jade is very experienced, passionate and attentive. She will make you feel “good”, but her goal is to fix it in the long run and make it last. Highly recommend if you have aches or spasms.

—Sara Lee B

OGDEN, UTAH, USA, October 16, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — There was a time when the only places to get a massage were expensive spas and exclusive gyms. These days, you can get a therapeutic massage just about anywhere, from a spa to a hospital to an airport. This is due to the widespread acceptance of the benefits of massage therapy for health and relaxation. The term “massage” refers to a wide variety of techniques that involve applying pressure and rubbing or manipulating soft tissues such as skin, muscles and joints. A massage can be gentle and soothing or intense, depending on the pressure technique and form of therapeutic massage. Many experienced and certified professionals like Jane Woodland can offer a range of massage therapies, from Swedish and deep massage to hot stone and trigger point massage, at her Jade’s Therapeutic Massage Center in Ogden, Utah.

Massage is generally considered part of alternative medicine, which aims to reduce stress, reduce pain, improve blood circulation, and improve overall health and function. Some studies indicate that therapeutic massage can be helpful for certain health issues, such as anxiety, chronic stress, sports injuries, and other conditions. Some people love massage not only for the health benefits it can provide for particular ailments or illnesses, but also for how it can make them feel supported, at peace, and more connected to others. Jade Woodland, owner of Jade’s Therapeutic Massage, has worked in massage and Chinese medicine for over 20 years. She is committed to helping her clients achieve and maintain optimal physical and mental health through massage.

“Jade is very experienced, passionate and caring. She will make you feel ‘good’, but her goal is to fix it long term and make it last. Highly recommend if you have aches or spasms and want to that they get better in the long run.” – Sara Lee B

In addition to reducing stress-related indicators, including cortisol and blood pressure, clinical studies have shown that massage therapy can stimulate the synthesis of feel-good endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine. On the other hand, certain techniques, such as Swedish massage, can help people struggling with joint pain or stiff muscles. Those with restful sleep issues may also benefit from locating a massage service near me. Reducing cortisol and eliciting many chemical responses in the brain as a result of massage can contribute to longer, more restful periods of sleep.

Professional athletes and physical therapists began using massage therapy in their training programs long before the practice became mainstream in the medical community. Although preliminary data was lacking, recent studies supported by credible sources have established the effectiveness of massage therapy in athletics.

It is essential to choose a massage therapist in Ogden, Utah, who is knowledgeable and skilled in various massage modalities and styles before hiring them. Jane’s Therapeutic Massage is a great option for Swedish, Hot Stone, and Deep Tissue Massage. Additionally, Jane Woodland, owner of Jane’s Therapeutic Massage, has extensive training and experience in helping clients recover and prevent a variety of physical and mental health issues including pain, stress and discomfort.

About Jane’s Therapeutic Massage

Jane Woodland, the founder of Jane’s Therapeutic Massage in Ogden, Utah, has over twenty years of experience in Chinese medicine and various massage techniques. Jade Woodland is a Certified Massage Therapist specializing in Swedish, Deep and Trigger Point massage techniques. With numerous 5-star reviews and testimonials from clients, Jane’s Therapeutic Massage has become one of Utah’s leading massage centers.

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