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Scary Audiences
We learned a lot from the House Select Committee’s fifth congressional hearing investigating the January 6 uprising.

The good news: there are still some good guys in the upper echelons of government.

The bad news: Bad guys willing to believe anything and do anything for wealth and power can be found anywhere and anytime, both in Congress and in the executive branch.

The horrible news: the hallowed political party of Alexander Hamilton, Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan has become, in just a few short years, as ignorant, corrupt and out of control as the party of any medieval Asian despot or evil- the seed of the European king and his courtiers never were.

The even more gruesome news: Much of the American electorate – supposedly well-informed about history and government because they attended school for 12 years – are happy to sell their cankered souls today to a sociopathic liar and probably any populist tyrant who jumps out of the carpentry tomorrow.
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“Julian Assange”, June 22Take a look
Thank you for publishing Michael Robinson’s op-ed regarding the persecution of Julian Assange and what he says about our failing democracy. We all lose an important right while we sit watching Assange being tortured to death so that other journalists dare not publish embarrassing facts about our leaders.

Robinson’s article was well written and well reasoned. I wish more people knew the facts of this Kafkaesque case. I wish more people would see how crucial it is that we don’t let this case become a legal precedent!

Assange, via Wikileaks, has given us all some uncomfortable facts about our leaders and the behavior of our country, especially in times of war. We should have the honesty to fix our mistakes instead of cruelly punishing the people who bring them to our attention.

People of all political persuasions can see for themselves that Assange is being unjustly persecuted. Our irresponsible “representatives” want to remain blind and deaf to the situation. As our democracy continues to decay, we will not forget the names of those in power who failed to do what they could to end this abomination.

We will remember how they stupidly, harshly or cowardly aided what is happening, or failed to oppose it.
St. Paul, Minnesota

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