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PROVO, Utah and SEATTLE, September 15, 2021

PROVO, Utah and SEATTLE, September 15, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Qualtrics (Nasdaq: XM), leader and creator of the Experience Management (XM) category, today announced that the School Board of City of Virginia Beach, Gwinnett County Public schools and the Hemet Unified School District use Qualtrics to put the experiences of parents, teachers and students at the center of their back-to-school plans. With Qualtrics, educators can create a better learning environment for students that prioritizes safety, well-being, and mental health, while building trust between schools and families.

Parents are sending their children back to school for the second time during a global pandemic, and as Delta cases increase, 56% of parents say they are more concerned for the health and safety of their children this year than they were last year. While most parents agree that in-person learning is best for their child, many would also support school closures if Delta cases continued to increase.

For educators, designing a safe back-to-school environment requires navigating complex questions about the mandates of vaccines and masks, mental health issues, and distance learning. To answer these questions, educators must be able to both listen to and understand the myriad competing voices of parents, teachers and students, and then act in a way that addresses individual concerns.

More than half of the top 50 school districts in United States and 99 of the Top 100 Business Schools use Qualtrics to understand and improve the educational experience. here’s how three K-12 educational organizations use Qualtrics to prepare for the next school year:

California Hemet Unified School District will leverage Qualtrics to connect with students on a daily basis. Each day, as students begin their schoolwork, they will be given a pop-up question where they can provide feedback to teachers on their physical, social, emotional, and academic health needs. School officials can then use this data to identify students who may be facing challenges and create action plans tailored to the individual circumstances each child faces.

In Virginia, parental feedback is essential to build trust between families and School Board of the City of Virginia Beach. However, administrators began to receive less feedback from parents due to the tedious surveys and duplicate outreach efforts carried out on the old district system. By turning to Qualtrics, education officials can streamline requests for feedback and organize outreach efforts so parents have the ability to provide timely feedback without receiving multiple requests. This will help them design a back-to-school experience that matches the needs of their community and will help increase confidence, engagement, teacher retention and student achievement.

In Georgia, Gwinnett County Public schools, is one of the largest and most diverse school districts in United States with more than 140 schools and students from 133 countries. To create a more equitable and safer learning environment for all students, the district is seeking feedback from parents and community leaders in their preferred language to understand where improvements can be made. With Qualtrics, the school district is able to gain insight into the experience that schools offer, including student well-being, access to school resources, and the impact of education on post-life life. -university. This information helps the district make data-driven decisions while striving to create a safe and engaging experience for students in school.

“Parents are sending their children back to school during a pandemic, again. Everyone’s goal is to keep people safe and healthy, but there is disagreement over what that looks like.” , said Qualtrics Chief Industry Advisor of Education, Karla fisher. “Educators need to make decisions and establish policies that effectively thread that needle – adapting to individual needs while protecting and serving everyone. Having a way to listen to their communities and understand the experience of parents and students is essential to make the best choices possible and to build community confidence in these difficult times. “

To learn more about Qualtrics education solutions, please visit: qualtrics.com/education/.

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