Madden 21 Golden Ticket Players Release 6 features Younghoe Koo, Jonathan Ogden at QB

More Madden 21 Golden Ticket players have arrived in Ultimate Team as version 6 brings four more upgraded cards to the game. Among them are kicker Younghoe Koo, wide receiver CeeDee Lamb and Jonathan Ogden. It’s no ordinary Ogden card though. Not only is he a 99 OVR gold ticket, but he plays at the quarterback position. Let’s take a look at the latest cards released in MUT, along with the attributes and prices involved.

Ogden, Koo, Lamb among Madden 21 Golden Ticket players

In what appears to be the latest Madden 21 Golden Ticket player group, version 6 officially became available in-game on Friday, June 4. Leading the way for the foursome is an 11-time Pro Bowler, Super Bowl Champion and Hall of The Farmer. Tackle / guard Jonathan Ogden gets a map where he can now play your Ultimate Team quarterback.

The attributes of his GT are 99 Throw Power, 99 Deep Accuracy, 99 Run, 98 Play Action, 97 Throw Under Pressure and 96 Short Accuracy. He only has 67 Speed, but what can you expect from a player of his size?

Wide receiver CeeDee Lamb is a fan favorite of the Cowboys. The young star’s 99 GT card features 99 Catch it Traffic, 99 Spectacular Catch, then 97 for Deep Route, Short Route, Catching and Speed. As you might expect, he’s an archetype of Deep Threat in the game.

Defensive tackle Geno Atkins is also there with a new improved GT item. His card is a Power Rusher archetype, with 99s for tackle, game recognition, blocking, power, and finesse moves. As with the other maps, it has other upgrades including Superstar / X-Factors and chemistry.

Last but not the least is Younghoe Koo. That’s right, some people can shoot a kicker randomly from packs. He’s been in the league for three seasons now and spent the last two as a member of the Falcons. Koo’s new 99 OVR card features 99 Kick Power, Kick Accuracy, and Awareness. It also has 80 speed and capacity slots with Accurate or Power Kicking.

Madden 21 Golden Ticket players’ sixth release follows the GT 5 version of MUT which starred Carl Banks, Taysom Hill, Jimmy Smith and Brandon Aiyuk.

Auction price, Free Golden Ticket still available

While cards will appear randomly in selected packs, some people will head straight to auction listings. Based on MUTHEAD data, prices exceed 355,000 Madden coins for the Younghoe Koo GT at the auction house, with its Xbox One variety rising to 271,000 coins. Ogden’s cards are slightly under 205,000 (Xbox) and 191,000 (PS5). Atkins costs around 340-400,000 coins, while Lamb costs 527,000 coins and more.

Keep in mind that it is always possible to win one of the 16 players of Madden 21 Golden Ticket. Unfortunately, it won’t be possible to bring up any of the above four players, neither Bo Jackson, or Lawrence Taylor, among others. Still, by completing the U21 Fan Appreciation Challenges, players can rack up 120 stars and receive one free player 99 OVR NAT Gold Tickets.

We’re now anticipating the potential arrival of Madden’s Rookie Premiere program, where it’s possible to rack up PR cards for upcoming 2021 rookies. This typically includes 10 rookies from different positions that players can earn in Madden 21 Ultimate Team. Once they are earned, these players become part of the Madden 22 squad.

Speaking of Madden 22, we’re also awaiting any announcements regarding the upcoming game. Check out the star’s predictions for VGR’s coverage and release date for the upcoming EA football game!

Visit VGR’s Madden page for more of the latest game updates.

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