Mary Cosby reveals why she is triggered by Lisa Barlow who wants to “googling” her

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Fans have seen how upset Mary Cosby is when someone says they have to “Goog” what she says. But now they have a better understanding of why the phrase triggers the Bravo star. Cosby explains why she got so heated when Lisa Barlow said she had to “Google” her fact about hardening ovaries with champagne in “A Wolf Pack of Secrets”.

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Season 2, Episode 8, “A Wolf Pack of Secrets.”]

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Lisa Barlow tells Mary Cosby she owes her champagne to ‘Google’

In the season 2 episode “Slippery Slope”, the RHOSLC melting goes snow tube. Along the way, the women blow champagne in a limousine. “Just sparkling water, [champagne] will freeze your ovaries, ”says Heather Gay.

“Get tough, baby,” Cosby corrects her. “Mary, I need Google this – is it real?” Lisa Barlow asks.

“If I say anything, it’s a fact,” said Cosby, clapping his hands. “All I’m saying, do you have to ‘Goog’ it?” Do not do that. Please don’t do this to me.

Later, Barlow confronted Cosby about his explosion. Cosby accused the owner of Vida Tequila of trying to put her down and questioning the things she says because she is black.

Eventually Cosby and Barlow move on. But the triggering comments resurface in “A Wolf Pack of Secrets”.

Gay, Cosby, Whitney Rose Have Lunch Together In Latest Episode Of RHOSLC. After Cosby refuses the raw salmon for fear it will come back to life in his stomach and bless Gay’s food, the trio end up where Cosby stands with Barlow. “It went off, and I didn’t really realize it was there until she said it again,” Cosby told her friends.

“Lisa, when you question me, it just sets off [me]Cosby continues, tears in his eyes. “I lost someone because of this. Don’t question what I’m saying.

Cosby reveals how her relationship with her mother, whom she considered her best friend, broke after her grandmother died. As Cosby explains, her mother wanted what she inherited. “She was next,” Cosby tells the cameras. But when Cosby married Robert Senior and took over Faith Temple Church instead, her mother cut her off.

“I lost my mom because I knew I was right and wasn’t backing down,” Cosby tells Gay and Rose. “It was because she didn’t believe what I was saying,” she explains to the cameras. When people say they have to ‘Goog’ what she says, it brings Cosby back to ‘that injury’.

Mary Cosby is married to her stepfather Robert Senior

As revealed in the first season of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Cosby is the “First Lady” of the Faith Temple Pentecostal Church in Salt Lake City, Utah. She assumed this title when her grandmother, Rosemary Redmon Cosby, died of a heart attack in 1997.

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As stated in her grandmother’s will, Cosby was to marry Robert Senior, her grandmother’s second husband. In doing so, Cosby was also entitled to the family’s million-dollar fortune.

“Don’t think it wasn’t weird because it was,” Cosby said in RHOSLC Season 1. “But I did it because I trusted my grandma and I’m so glad I did.”

Cosby was 22 when she married 42-year-old Robert Senior. As Cosby recalls, her mother “had a seizure because she wanted church.” She hasn’t spoken to her mother for 25 years.

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