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Eight mayoral races are brewing in Weber County this cycle, along with many more contests for many city council positions.

Six of the eight mayoral contests – in West Haven, Washington Terrace, Plain City, Farr West, Harrisville and Uintah – feature incumbents facing off against challengers. The outgoing mayors of Riverdale and Huntsville are not seeking re-election, but two candidates have emerged in each locality.

The deadline for submitting seats up for grabs this year was Monday. Mayor’s seats in 13 towns in Weber County are up for election, all except Ogden and Hooper, and 35 city and town council positions are also on the ballot. Here are the candidates for various positions, city by city:

Ogden: The busiest race in Ogden is that of seat A in the city council. Incumbent Marcia White faces challenges from Jack Barnes, John Ogden, Jase Reyneveld, Daniel Gladwell and John Thompson.

Three are running for the seat of the City Council of District 3, now held by Doug Stephens, who is not running for re-election. They are Mary Khalaf, Ken Richey and Priscilla Martinez.

The two candidates for the general position of seat B are incumbents Bart Blair and Sebastian Benitez, while the two candidates for the seat of district 1 are incumbents Angela Choberka and Thomas Gooch.

Roy: Mayor Bob Dandoy is unopposed in his candidacy for a second term at the head of Roy.

The four two-place city council candidates are Sophie Paul, Ashlee Kurys, Randy Scadden and Kevin Homer. Incumbents Bryon Saxton and Jan Burrell did not show up.

North Ogden: Mayor Neal Berube is unopposed in his candidacy for a full four-year term. He won the election in 2019 to fill the last two years of the current mayoral term, originally won by Brent Taylor, who was killed while serving in Afghanistan in 2018.

Seven candidates ran for the two upcoming city council seats: incumbent Blake Cevering plus Jay Dalpias, Gregory Smith, Spencer Stephens, Merrill Sunderland, Anthony Swenson and Stefanie Casey. The incumbent Cheryl Stoker does not show up.

West Haven: Mayor Sharon Bolos is running for his third term, contested by City Council member Rob Vanderwood and Pat Young.

Five candidates are vying for two open city council seats: Clarence Kelley, Dean Murray, Jonathan Swapp, David Smith and Ryan Saunders. Vanderwood has one of the upcoming posts with Randy Hunter, who no longer shows up.

South Ogden: Mayor Russell Porter is unopposed in his candidacy for a second term.

Three candidates are vying for the two four-year municipal elections: incumbents Susan Stewart and Mike Howard as well as Jeremy Howe. Two candidates are running for the last two years of a third board position: Jeanette Smyth, the incumbent, and Brandon Dominquez.

Pleasant view: Mayor Leonard Call is unopposed in his candidacy for a second term.

Three candidates are running for two city council seats, including incumbents Kevin Bailey and Steve Gibson as well as Phillip Nelson.

Hooper: Six candidates stood for the three elected municipal council positions.

They are incumbents Chris Paulsen and Bryce Wilcox for the District 1 and 2 seats, incumbents Lisa Northrop and Scott Boerstra for the District 3 and 6 seats, and incumbents Brad Ostler and Debra Marigoni for the District 4 seats. and 5.

Washington Terrace: Mayor Mark Allen faces a challenge from Brett Degroot in the race for first place here.

Four are vying for the two city council seats that are opening: incumbents Larry Weir and Jeff West as well as Scott Simpson and Hayden Christensen.

Riverdale: Mayor Norm Searle is not seeking re-election, running a race between City Council member Braden Mitchell and Doug Peterson for the city executive position.

Four are running for two city council seats on the ballot: incumbent Bart Stevens as well as Anne Hansen, Karina Merrill and Jeffery Savage. Incumbent Brent Ellis no longer shows up.

Plain city: Mayor Jon Beesley faces a challenge from Miles Robinson in the race for leader.

Two candidates applied for the two positions up for grabs on the city council, Luigi Panunzio and Jed Jenkins. Incumbents Don Weston and Chad Allen did not show up.

Farr West: Mayor Lee Dickamore faces a challenge from Ken Phippen in the mayoral race.

The two upcoming city council candidates are incumbents Bruce Richins and Boyd Ferrin in addition to Katie Williams.

Harrisville: Mayor Michelle Tait faces a challenge in the mayoral race from Larry Lilly.

The candidates for two full terms on city council are incumbents Max Jackson and Stephen Weiss as well as Jeffery Pearce and David Schad. Kenny Loveland has been the only candidate for two years for the city council job he currently holds.

Uintah: Mayor Gordon Cutler faces a challenge from Brandon Hunt in the mayoral race.

The contenders for two city council seats up for grabs are incumbents Kristi Bell and Michelle Roberts as well as Austin Bennion and Rob Guiller.

Huntsville: Mayor Jim Truett is not seeking re-election, organizing a race between Doug Allen and Richard Sorensen, a current member of city council, for the place of mayor.

Four candidates ran for two city council seats on the ballot: Artie Powell, Santos Arroyo, Tommy Christie and Sandy Hunter.

The primary elections, in the necessary races, will take place on August 10. The general election will take place on November 2.

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