New Utah Driver’s License Design: What Your Next ID Will Look Like

Prepare for your next Utah driver’s license to be a little different.

The Utah Department of Public Safety on Wednesday unveiled a new design for driver’s licenses and state ID cards that it says will help prevent fraud and protect identities.

The new cards will be circulating soon and the new cards will be mailed for the first time this week, according to Ryan Williams, quality assurance manager for Utah’s Public Safety Driver’s Licensing Division.

The state’s previous design was rolled out only five years ago, but the state often redesigns its maps to “maintain the security and integrity of the document,” said Department of Public Safety Commissioner Jess. Anderson. Specifically, they regularly adjust designs to outsmart those who want to forge documents.

“The more a document is in circulation, the more likely it is to be compromised – fraudulently and otherwise by those who forge and modify the document,” he explained.

This is why the industry standard requires regular updating of documents such as driver’s licenses and ID cards with updated technology in the design that makes replication a little more difficult, if not impossible. . It’s all part of an effort to stay one step ahead of counterfeiters.

During a press briefing on Wednesday, Williams did not disclose all of the new features in the new license design for security reasons, but he pointed out some of the changes the Utahns may soon notice.

The new license will have a designated header color, which means that different font colors are used at the top of the license or ID card in coordination with the type of document it is. A standard driver’s license, for example, has a blue header while an ID card is printed in green. The date of birth on a card is laser etched in red with a texture that can be felt by sliding over it and there is also a laser etched “ghost image” which is visible but contains a smoother surface.

The design also features a pair of iconic southern Utah landscapes. An image of Delicate Arch from Arches National Park replaces the “A” in the Utah logo at the top of the license and an image of Angels Landing from Zion National Park is found behind the key information on each design. menu. Both were included in a way that represents parts of the state, but also added an additional security measure based on how the two were printed, Anderson added.

With multiple prints using different types of lasers and different types of printing, Utah public safety officials believe counterfeiters will find many changes from the old card that are really not easy to replicate.

While the new licenses and IDs are expected to arrive in the hands of the Utahns a week now, Williams said those who have just renewed their license or are not expected to renew their license anytime soon don’t have to. worrying about speeding up the process just to get the new card design.

“The current license is in secure circulation until it expires and there is nothing different about this license other than some updated features,” he said, noting that some of the licenses featuring the ‘old design will remain valid for the next eight years.

“So over the next eight years these will be removed as people renew, duplicate license, or make changes to their document,” he added.

Given the frequency of changes, those who don’t need to renew until 2029 could very well see a completely different design than the one unveiled on Wednesday.

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