No. 23 Utah State Gymnastics Records Season-High 196,450 Against No. 21 BYU

PROVO, Utah– For the second time in as many competitions, Utah State’s No. 23 gymnastics team notched their best score of the season.

Despite that, the Aggies know they still have a lot to do.

Behind eight top-three rankings, including two by freshman Brie Clarksecond Brianna Brooks and junior Rebecca WellsUtah State recorded a 196.450 against No. 21 BYU in a Mountain Rim Gymnastics Conference doubleheader Friday night at Smith Fieldhouse.

The Cougars won their home opener scoring 196.775 in front of 1,952 fans.

“We did really well,” said Brooks, who tied for first on vault with a 9.875 and tied for third on bars with a career-high 9.900. “We definitely have more in the tank, but overall it was a good start and it’s great to go from here.”

Utah State’s 196.450 is the second best road score in series history against BYU. It’s also the third time the Aggies (5-3, 2-1 MRGC) have eclipsed the 196 field in Provo. Additionally, he is tied for the 10th highest score in school history, including the sixth highest score on the road.

“It was a good game, but we haven’t capitalized on the greatness we’ve seen in practice and what we’re capable of doing,” the fifth-year head coach said. Utah State. Amy Smith. “We need to improve to settle in and start the competition strong. All in all it was a good night, but it’s far from what we should be doing. We want to be great. I hope that will inspire them to get back into training and get on with it.”

The Aggies had a good night with five gymnasts setting five career highs and tying two personal bests. Utah State won or tied for first in all four events, while Sadie Miner-Van Tassell won the all-around for BYU (3-3, 2-2 MRGC) with a 39.425.

Wells finished second in the all-around with a season best 39.150.

“It’s really cool as it’s our best score of the season, but we all know we can do so much better,” Junior said. Maia Fishwick. “Honestly, we were all a bit depressed with how things went, but we showed up and competed. We can definitely do a lot better, but we still did well.”

As a team, the Aggies finished with a 49.050 on bars, a season-high 49.100 on vault, which is tied for 10th all-time in school history, a 49.025 on floor and a 49.275 to the beam.

Utah State started the doubles meet on bars, where Fishwick finished tied for first with a season-high 9.925.

“It was really good, but I did this exact routine yesterday in practice,” Fishwick said. “Right before me and BB’s bar routine, we were like, ‘Let’s do exactly what we did yesterday,’ because we both nailed our bar routines yesterday, so we just thought about that.”

Brooks notched his career-high 9.900 in fifth place, while Fishwick followed suit with his season-high in sixth place.

Junior Rebecca Wells tied Brooks for first place on vault with a career-best 9.875. First-year student Molly Arnold tied for seventh as she equaled her personal best on the event with a 9.800.

“It’s so nice to see that the hard work we’re doing in the gym is finally paying off,” Brooks said. “It’s really cool. Coming into the competition, we wanted to have more fun, stay calm and confident and keep the energy going. I think we’ve done a lot of that and now we just have to keep doing it the rest of the season .”

Clark finished first on floor for the fourth straight meeting with a 9.925, while Arnold tied for sixth with a personal best 9.800.

Closing of the match on the balance beam, senior Carley Bayles led the way for the Aggies as they tied for first with a career-high 9.925. Clark tied for third at a personal best 9.900 and Brooks was fifth at 9.850.

“Carley’s routine was amazing,” Smith said. “I’m just super happy to see that because, again, that’s how she looked all week in practice. Breezy, I told her right after her routine, ‘I knew that. ‘was in you.’ It was so cool to see his confidence on the beam and close us with that. It was huge.”

Utah State returns home Friday, Feb. 4 at 7 p.m., when the Aggies host Southern Utah and rival MRGC Ball State.

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No. 23 Utah State at No. 21 BYU – Provo, Utah – Smith Fieldhouse – January 28, 2022

Results by team: 1. BYU –196.775 (vault: 49.125, bars: 49.200, beam: 49.275, floor: 49.175); 2. Utah State – 196.450 (vault: 49.100, bars: 49.050, beam: 49.275, floor: 49.025).

To jump: T1. Brianna Brooks – USU, 9.875; T1. Rebecca Wells – USU, 9.875; T3. Lexi Griffith-BYU, 9,850; T3. Sydney Benson-BYU, 9.850; T7. Trinity Brown – USU, 9,800; T7. Molly Arnold – USU, 9,800; 11. Brie Clark – USU, 9,750.

Bars: T1. Maia Fishwick – USU, 9.925; T1. Anyssa Alvarado—BYU, 9.925; T3. Brianna Brooks – USU, 9,900; T3. Haley Pitou—BYU, 9,900; T6. Jessica Gutierrez – USU, 9.775; T6. Eve Jackson – USU, 9.775; ten. Rebecca Wells – USU, 9.675; 12. Sofi Sullivan – USU, 9.125.

Shine: T1. Carley Bayles – USU, 9.925; T1. Elase Rollins-BYU, 9.925; T3. Brie Clark – USU, 9,900; T3. Sadie Miner-Van Tassell – BYU, 9,900; 5. Brianna Brooks – USU, 9,850; T6. Rebecca Wells – USU, 9.825; ten. Sofi Sullivan – USU, 9.775; 11. Kyelyn McCright – USU, 9,750.

Stage: 1. Brie Clark – USU, 9.925; 2. Brittany Vitkauskas – BYU, 9,900; T3. Abby Beeston-BYU, 9.825; T3. Adeline Rieder – BYU 9.825; T3. Sadie Miner-Van Tassell – BYU, 9.825; T6. Trinity Brown – USU, 9,800; T6. Molly Arnold – USU 9,800; 9. Rebecca Wells – USU, 9.775; T10. Amari Evans – USU, 9.725; 11. Ariel Toomei – USU, 9.475.

All around: 1. Sadie Miner-Van Tassell – BYU, 39.425; 2. Rebecca Wells – USU, 39.150.


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