November has been unusually hot in Utah – but that will end this week

Monday could be the last day with temperatures reaching into the 70s along the Wasatch Front for some time

(Trent Nelson | The Salt Lake Tribune) A mountain biker rides the 19th Ave Trail in the Salt Lake City foothills on Friday, September 17, 2021. The period of warmer-than-normal temperatures for early November ends this week.

A period of warmer than usual November days are expected to end this week, with highs expected to drop by about 20 degrees from Tuesday.

Monday is expected to bring highs into the ’70s in the Wasatch front – highs in mid-November are normally in the’ 50s – before Tuesday brings a slight chance of rain and highs in the ’50s, according to the National Weather Service.

The first half of November was unusually warm, with half of the daily highs over 5 degrees higher than average and about a third of the highs over 10 degrees higher. If Salt Lake City hits the predicted high of 71 on Monday, it will be just short of the day’s record of 73.

But after Tuesday, temperatures will remain low, with highs in the 1940s and 1950s and lows expected to drop into the 20s on Tuesday night.

Average daily peaks have exceeded norms for most months of this year, according to data from the NWS. June temperatures were the most exceptional, with an average high of 94, almost 10 degrees warmer than normal. The November highs were on average 5 degrees warmer than normal.

In Logan, highs are expected to drop from 65 Monday to 47 Tuesday and stay in the 40s until the weekend. Cedar City turns 70 on Monday, dropping into the 50s after Tuesday, with St. George moving from the 70s to the mid-60s.

Further east, Vernal is expected to drop from 1950s highs on Monday and Tuesday to 40 for the remainder of the week, with no rain or snow forecast. The peaks of Moab will fall from the 60s to the 50s, with dry skies all week long.

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