Obituary of Seth Dean Adair (1991 – 2021) – Salt Lake City, UT

Our kind, sweet and beautiful son, brother and friend, Seth Dean Adair, passed away at home on November 30, 2021. Seth was born on April 3, 1991 to Dean and Lisa Adair. He was the third of five children, still considered the sweetest and easiest to raise. It took very little to entertain Seth; he was always very satisfied with his life and loved to watch and interact with his siblings. Although he was calm and shy in most cases, Seth was very funny and full of laughs, smiles and frivolity when he found himself in a comfortable crowd.
Although often reserved, he was always very observant and learned quickly. As a child, he had a great curiosity and liked to explore the world around him. He loved his elementary school years at the Open Classroom in Salt Lake City and was fortunate to have teachers who were sensitive to him and helped him find his feet in life. He also attended South Davis Junior High and graduated from Woods Cross High School in 2009. He loved his band friends and played the trumpet throughout middle and high school. He started the welding program at Davis Technical College and was always thrilled to have a reason to bring out his little MIG welder to repair various items around the house and yard.
Seth had a variety of passions and hobbies including gaming, watching old cartoons, Tim Burton movies, and everything related to the sci-fi genre. He loved Halloween, built things out of Legos and K’NEX, collected guns, shot targets, airsoft with his pals, and expanded his collection of curios from his favorite store, Natur. His favorite toys were his 2003 Jeep Wrangler and his recently purchased 1969 VW Bug. He was a talented mechanic and loved to tinker with and accessorize his cars. He was an avid reader and loved to share with us everything he learned that was new and interesting around the table. He was an artist at heart and possessed an array of talents ranging from sketching and soldering sculptures, smoking homemade jerky on his Trager and pickling his own cucumbers. Seth was also fond of animals, and his gentle nature made him a magnet for all the dogs in the family over the years.
Seth thrived in the natural world and enjoyed spending time in and around the mountains and lakes of Utah. He was a true adventurer and planned to put himself in precarious situations while having fun on four wheels. Fishing and hunting were among his favorite hobbies, and he enjoyed camping with his family and open class friends. Perhaps the most popular were the annual “sibling camps” he enjoyed with only his siblings, where shenanigans and laughter abounded.
Seth was a hard worker and held many jobs over the years. Most recently he worked for BD Medical and found great support there from his colleagues.
Our precious Seth suffered from anxiety and depression for much of his life. He fought fiercely against the demons that kept extinguishing the joie de vivre he so desperately sought. Seth knew and understood joy, for like darkness and pain, it had been something he had experienced throughout his journey to Earth. It was the disparity between joy and pain that began to irreversibly break his heart and soul, and he developed a severe addiction to alcohol as he tried to cope with his internal struggles. Although he left home on his own at the age of 18 he returned home in March 2020. We can never express how much of a pleasure it has been to have him live with us for the last time. year and a half, despite the emotional turmoil of living with his addiction, and we thank Heavenly Father for giving this precious time with Seth in each of our prayers. At home, he bravely decided to seek treatment for his addiction and went through a drug rehab program in March 2021. It was a scary journey for all of us, but we were lucky to have sober Seth from June to. September of this year, and we have relished the wonderful glimpses we have had of the man we love so dearly during this time. Unfortunately, the pain inside him was too deep and he relapsed in October 2021. Despite this, he courageously fought to the end with the anxiety and depression that would eventually cost him his life. In his final weeks, as mental illness took hold, Seth often expressed his gratitude for the blessing of having a family who loved him wholeheartedly, and we really love him very much. Our Seth was so kind and always championed the underdogs, the destitute or the unfairly treated. He was a gentleman, a good listener, and a true friend to those who wanted to see him through the sometimes clouded haze of his struggles.
Seth was welcomed into heaven by his grandfather (Ronald Watts) and his aunt (Teresa Watts). He is survived by his parents, his brothers Nathan, Miles (Elizabeth) and Colton (Samantha), his sister Bethany (Brandon) Quinn, three nephews, four nieces and a large extended family. Seth left us heartbroken, yearning for more time, but also with the comfort of knowing that he is finally at peace.
We are grateful for the help and support Seth received from BD Medical, for the friends and counselors who cared for him at Salt Lake Behavioral Health, and for all of his loyal friends who have never stopped caring for him. contact. We also want to express our gratitude to all of our friends and neighbors in Orchard Second Ward who lovingly taught and guided Seth through Primary, Scouts, and Young Men, as well as to the grandparents and aunts. , Seth’s uncles and cousins ​​who filled the days, months and years of Seth’s life with love.
Seth, we love you! We miss you! Know that we will hold each of you firmly, securely, with dedication in our hearts until we are able to embrace you again.
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