Offer your clients financing options to increase the size of the project

You might be thinking that you don’t need to offer payment options to your owner customers because your customers usually pay in cash.

But consistently providing payment options can improve most areas of your sales funnel, especially project size. Providing payment options can help you close larger transactions and focus on live outside Dreams come true. Working with a strong loan provider can smooth your cash flow and grow your business.

Landscape designers who offer payment options understand that they are an essential selling tool and have integrated payment option strategies into both their business model and their sales processes. They have witnessed how payment options improve closing rates and increase job sizes.

Even if you have a good grasp of payment option strategies, it’s still a good time to consider the best ways to implement them in your business. Be aware that you will need to involve your entire team, creating a seamless payment option process from start to finish.

Here are Best Practices for Landscape Contractors to Introduce Payment Options to Customers, brought to you by Joel Cannon with EnerBank United States.

Include payment options in marketing materials

Mention payment options in advance.

This means that you should include a reference to funding opportunities in all of your advertising and marketing materials. This strategy has been shown to increase well-qualified leads for entrepreneurs who follow best practices.

An exclusive home improvement lender will support you by providing marketing templates for web banners, door hangers, showroom signs, etc.

When customers know about payment options, your sales process becomes easier, as your potential customers are already thinking about different ways to pay for their dream projects from the start. This allows you to focus on quality and bring your creative vision to life without the cost objection.

Start by fixing the appointment

Another important time to mention payment options is when the customer calls you. The planner who answers the phone takes the required information, then suggests some ideas for payment options.

Create a script like this: “One more thing. Make sure, when Julie shows up for your date, to ask her about our special 12 month promotion, the same as cash. You will want to discuss it with her.

During the meeting

When the sales rep or landscaper arrives home, they should suggest payment options as part of building the relationship with the client: “Before we start looking at your existing landscape, I would like to remind you of our 12 months, even – cash funding. “

These brief statements have now averted objections to price and ability to pay. You have provided the customer with at least one payment option, especially if they are considering a partial solution versus a full site project. Most clients underestimate the cost of a landscaping job before receiving the offer, so discussing payment options now can help avoid sticker shock.

Finally, when you are ready to complete the transaction, display the payment options again, giving them the choice of the loans that will best meet their needs.

Don’t need to know the approvals first?

Every entrepreneur with payment options wants their customer approval rating to be high. When you offer an attractive choice of payment options to each customer every time, you’ll get better overall approval rates.

First, you will expand your network, including all kinds of customers that you might not otherwise have considered. Second, you will move your prospects further with their projects because you have reduced objections to the price.

Instead, your sales process will focus more on the value of your business and the project, which wins more customers than it does on price.

Now you are ready

Taken together, these proven strategies can become best practices for your own landscaping sales team as you regularly incorporate them into your conversion process. By following what we know works, you can increase your closing rate, increase job sizes, and really see your business grow.

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