Ogden Raptors clinches 7-5 victory to open Friday’s doubles match at Great Falls | Ogden Raptors

After a 17-8 win to open the series on Thursday, the Ogden Raptors won again to open a brace on Friday in a slow 7-5 win in seven innings at Great Falls.

Christopher Campbell took the victory in 3 1/3 innings relief, striking out six in his first two innings before running into trouble in the seventh. Great Falls tackled one run and had two with the winning run at home and just one out.

Raptors reliever Mark Mixon came on and gave Chris Caffrey a double play to end the game.

Campbell pitchers and starter Cole Stringer struck out 11 Voyagers hitters while walking in 6-1 / 3 innings, allowing for two earned runs.

The teams combined to make five errors in the first two innings as the lead changed every half inning. Raptors outfielder Frankie Jezioro started the match by mistakenly reaching, Pavin Parks and Tim Susnara then reached on foot, and the first two scored on a defenseman’s pick play off Raul Shah to make it 2- 0.

Ogden (4-1) made two mistakes down the first to help the Voyagers take a 3-2 lead.

After each team scored one in the second to make it 4-3, the Raptors took a 5-4 lead with two runs in the third inning when Ernie Geraci singled out Josh Broughton and Niko Pacheco scored on a. fly Jezioro bag.

Pacheco went 7-4 with a double with two outs and two runs in the fourth inning.

Both teams started the second game well after 9 p.m. This story will be updated at the end of this match.

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