Ogden Raptors crush Vibes in late 23-7 win Saturday | Raptors of Ogden

A tied 4-4 game after six innings quickly turned into a resounding victory for the Ogden Raptors, who finished first, stopping a two-game slippage with a 23-7 victory on Saturday night over the Rocky Mountain Vibes in Colorado. Springs.

Ogden scored 22 of his runs after the fifth inning, tying the game 4-4 in the sixth when Josh Broughton scored two runs and Miguel Tejada Jr. walked out.

The Raptors (16-3) created a split in a seven-point seventh that included a treble with bases from Frankie Jezioro, who then scored on a brace from Jakob Goldfarb, who then scored on a single from Raul Shah.

Things got out of hand at the top of the ninth. It was only 13-6 when the Vibes recorded two strikeouts in the frame, but the Raptors continued to cross 10 points with two strikeouts. Goldfarb cleared the loaded bases with a hit as part of the rally which included two Rocky Mountain mistakes.

Ogden outfielder Goldfarb, Broughton and Jezioro each had three RBIs. Designated hitter David Maberry hit 4 for 5 to take his season average to 0.625 in nine games.

Cole Stringer struck out eight and scored one in a 4 2/3 innings start for Ogden, allowing seven hits and three earned runs. Mark Mixon took the victory in a 2 1/3 relief from the middle, allowing five hits and two earned runs.

The push at the end of the round erased an excellent start from Vibes (7-12) starter Aron Solis. He had Ogden’s sticks in check for what looked like a third straight game for his team, allowing three hits and one unearned run, striking out seven and walking two in five innings.

The two teams play Game 5 of the six-game series at 1:30 p.m. Sunday.

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