Ogden Raptors flat, Boise Hawks dominating in 11-3 win to open weekend series | Raptors of Ogden

OGDEN – After scoring an exciting victory Friday night to win a game against league-leading Missoula, the Ogden Raptors changed gears by welcoming the South Division’s last-place team to the Boise Hawks at Lindquist Field.

But Boise looked great on Saturday night. Starting pitcher Mitch Lines gave up four hits in seven innings, the Raptors made five mistakes in the first six innings and the Hawks earned an 11-3 victory.

Jakob Goldfarb started with a solo homerun late in the first, his eighth dinger at the top of the Pioneer League, to get Ogden (19-6) on the board for a score of 1-1. Josh Broughton did a single to call but was then passed on a line workout.

The Raptors didn’t get any more hits until the seventh inning, and in the second two hitters who hit by step were eliminated on the base trails. The lines faced one on the minimum in six innings.

Meanwhile, Boise (8-17) slowly increased his lead, with Ogden pitchers Anthony Donatella and Chris Campbell unable to slow down a wave of hits made worse by Raptors’ mistakes.

After mistakes helped Boise take a 2-1 lead, Wladimir Galindo hit a solo right field shot for a 3-1 advantage after three. In the sixth, Antoine Mistico had a two-run double and then scored on a single in a five-run inning to lead 9-1. Roby Enriquez picked Hidekel Gonzalez for a 10-1 advantage in the seventh.

With a strikeout in the late seventh, first baseman David Maberry ended Ogden’s drought with a right-field double, although he was helped when Mistico lost the ball in the night sky. Raul Shah finally chose him to bring the score to 10-2.

Maberry worked nine shots at bat in an RBI single in the ninth, scoring Miguel Tejada Jr., for the final inning of the game.

Maberry’s 2v4 night brought his league-best batting average down to 0.549.

Overall, Boise beat Ogden 16-6 in a convincing victory. Ogden’s lead in the division is reduced to nine games as Grand Junction won Saturday in Billings.

The two teams play again at 4 p.m. Sunday and 7 p.m. Monday.

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