Ogden woman admits assault charge in ax attack; attempted murder, the number of burglaries abandoned in return | Law courts

OGDEN – Prosecutors on Thursday dropped the attempted murder and aggravated burglary charges in exchange for a woman from Ogden’s guilty plea to a charge of assaulting an ax attack on May 21.

Under the agreement, Sierra M. Flores, 25, admitted to being charged with the felony of aggravated assault in the third degree. The Weber County District Attorney’s Office then dropped the first-degree felony counts of attempted murder and aggravated burglary, as well as the class C misdemeanor count.

Ogden police arrested Flores after 10 p.m. on May 21 in the 2000 block of Robins Avenue. A probable cause statement said the alleged victim saw Flores approach her with an ax inside the house and grabbed a baseball bat in self-defense.

Police said the victim and another person at the scene told officers Flores lifted the ax over her head and swung it down in a chopping motion, but the other woman left her. a blocked by holding the bat horizontally.

Flores lost her hand on the ax but picked it up and, with the handle, allegedly hit the woman several times in the head and face, according to the arrest affidavit. The other person stepped in and took Flores’ ax.

Police said the bat had a flea and was stained with red paint. The ax was painted red, they said.

Flores appeared in a Weber County Jail online hearing on Thursday with her arm in a cast. Judge Michael DiReda accepted the plea bargain and ordered Flores’ release pending sentencing on July 15.

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