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Orem mountain bikers and others now have an expanded bike park to try out, as the city announced this week that Phase 2 of the park is complete and open.

The bike park just north of Mt. Timpanogos Park at the mouth of Provo Canyon has been in service with the first phase since fall 2018. Phase 1 included over 2,000 linear feet of trails and beginner features. Phase 2 expands the bicycle park by adding more than 2,500 linear feet of trails to the park.

Phase 2 consists of an intermediate loop and an advanced line and is primarily designed for the advanced rider.

“The bike park project was developed through community input and in response to the city’s Parks, Recreation, Trails and Open Space Master Plan, where many residents have expressed a desire for a park. of bikes in the city, ”said Steve Downs, deputy city manager.

In 2019, the town of Orem received a grant in the amount of $ 38,262 from the Utah Office of Outdoor Recreation for the construction of Phase 2 of the Cycling Skills Park at Mt. Timpanogos Park.

The city matched the grant with about $ 42,000 in cash. The total cost of the project was approximately $ 80,000. With the addition of the phase 1 portion, the park cost approximately $ 150,000.

The intermediate trail has both uphill and moderate downhill sections with lots of features such as a wooden bridge, log and rock overturns, and falls.

The forward line is approximately 500 linear feet and is a steep downhill trail. It includes features like drop, rock garden, and jumps.

“Before the bike park was built, this piece of land was badly neglected and overgrown,” Downs said. “This project has transformed the property into a destination park that will serve the community for years to come.

The park has been up to current groomed standards with help from the Orem Youth Cycling Association, which has provided hundreds of volunteer hours to the park over the past few years to build and maintain the trails, Downs said.

Jason Christensen, trainer and former vice-president of the Orem Youth Cycling Association confirmed the many hours of hard work of these young mountain bikers.

“There are around 180 people involved in the cycling association,” Christensen said. “Utah has the largest high school mountain biking league in the United States.”

Christensen noted that young bikers learn to take care of the environment and the trails as well as learn cycling techniques.

“I don’t know if people remember this hill,” Christensen said. “It was covered with nasty scars and was eroding. The association cut it up in the park we have now. It’s better than I could imagine.

Christensen said thousands of mountain bikes have used the first phase, which is suitable for families.

“The park caters to all skill levels with trails that are entertaining and challenging,” Christensen said. “The concept was to introduce cyclists to mountain biking.”

Along with the jumps and other more difficult parts of Phase 2, go-arounds have also been put in place if a rider doesn’t feel ready to jump, Christensen noted.

With all the work the Orem Youth Cycling Association has done, Christensen is asking the community for help to keep it looking beautiful.

It’s not just bikers who use the park, hikers and horse riders too. Christensen hopes they will all volunteer to keep him at the high level he is today.

Christensen noted that some bikers came off groomed trails and damaged the hillside, creating erosion and trench problems.

For this reason, many internal fences have been put in place in the phase 2 area so that people cannot create their own paths.

Last summer, a large fire above the park destroyed much of the vegetation. Over the past few weeks, the young volunteers have planted thousands of sage brush and bitter brush for wildlife and to help control erosion, Christensen said.

“Now we have to take water packs to water them,” Christensen said. “There is a much bigger picture that worries us than just the new bike path.”

The Department of Wildlife has two people to look after 600 kilometers of trails, so they really need help, added Christensen.

Currently, the trails in the bike park are maintained by around 95% of mountain bikers. Christensen would love to see other groups such as hikers and horse riding groups come together and help make the park a great place for everyone.

There are only a few small details left to complete but as of Monday the trail was open for use.

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