Park City could have a new mayor

As the early election results filtered out on Tuesday night, it emerged that outgoing Park City mayor Andy Beerman was following City Councilor Nann Worel, 56% to 30%.

Beerman, who served a term as mayor, followed Worel in the race from the start and finished far behind Worel in the primary. In the final week of the election, he was battered by controversy over a Black Lives Matter mural, one of four racial justice murals painted on Park City’s Main Street.

(Rick Egan | The Salt Lake Tribune) Artists painted “Justicia Para Todos” on Main Street in Park City over the weekend, Monday, July 6, 2020.

It was not necessarily the message of the fresco that haunted him. He was accused of insufficiently involving the council in the decision and of misrepresenting what he knew about the planned mural and when he knew it.

Worel, who has served on city council since 2016, pledged a more inclusive style of leadership.

Ranked choice voting in Moab gets quick result

And in southeast Utah, the city of Moab said voters elected a new mayor for the popular tourist community using ranked choice voting.

Mayor-elect Joette Langianese ousted runner-up Bill Winfield by 6 percentage points. The results come after five rounds of ranked choice votes in a crowded field of six candidates.

Langianese ran on a platform for the health, safety and welfare of all Moab residents, according to its official campaign page.

Young people in the lead in the race for mayor of Orem

In Orem Tuesday night along the Wasatch Front, former mayor Jim Evans was at the mercy of his opponent, Dave Young, in his quest to take over the post, according to early election results.

The initial unofficial numbers showed Evans 16 percentage points behind Young in a race focused on issues of public safety and growth. The two candidates obtained 58% and 42% of the votes.

These topics came to the fore earlier in the election season with a failure over a landowner’s requirement that in order to place signs on his real estate, candidates must first sign an agreement to support development. continuous of their ground. Evans signed the pledge to support existing growth plans for the University Place shopping center property, while Young declined to approve the document.

Mayor Kaufusi retains his leadership in Provo

In Provo, election results showed Mayor Michelle Kaufusi had a strong lead over her opponent – a man who made headlines last year when he was gunned down as he walked through a crowd of protesters .

Ken Dudley has followed Kaufusi, who was first elected mayor in 2017, by 75 to 25 percent, according to the first unofficial figures released Tuesday night.

Dudley said he launched his campaign in part because of his experience last year, when he was shot dead during a protest against police violence. He was driving his SUV through the group of protesters at the time, and protest participants said they felt in danger. A protester has been charged in connection with the Dudley shooting.

Since then, Dudley has joined United Citizens Alarm, a militia group that showed up at Black Lives Matter protests in the state.

Kaufusi noted that it had been approved by professional firefighters and police officers.

New leaders in Davis County

There are 15 towns and villages in Davis County, the third most populous county in the state, and after this election it looks like residents could end up with at least 11 and perhaps a dozen new mayors. .

The bulk of this is attrition. Ten of the mayors chose not to run.

But Tuesday night, outgoing Bountiful mayor Randy Lewis was far behind his challenger, two-term councilor Kendalyn Keyes Harris. Harris was ahead of Lewis two to one in the opening results.

Lewis ruffled feathers at Bountiful, including arguing over the Bountiful High School Braves mascot, defending the logo, telling a woman to be “less easily offended” and disputing whether she was. an “official representative” of the offended indigenous communities.

It was number 11.

And in Clinton, the first comebacks put incumbent Mayor Mitch Adams in conflict with challenger Brandon Stanger. Adams was led by 37 votes on Tuesday night.

Mark Shepherd won a third term as mayor of Clearfield, unopposed, and Joy Petro was re-elected to Layton.

North Salt Lake City Council member Brian Horrocks appeared to be heading for an easy victory in the race to replace Len Arave as mayor.

Arave, who was first elected in 2009, steps down after 12 years

Horrocks, who ran against Gary Widders, had just over 80% of the vote in the results released Tuesday night.

Syracuse’s first-term mayor, Mike Gailey, followed council member Dave Maughan by 332 votes in the tight mayoral contest.

Maughan has been a member of the city council since 2015.

Jordan Savage and Jennifer Carver had a small lead over Brett Cragun and Paul Watson for two board seats. Savage is looking for another term on the board.

Elsewhere, Clark Wilkinson led Lawrence Wright in the Centerville mayoral race; Brett Anderson led Rebecca Wayment in the Farmington race; Tamara Tran had a Commander-in-Chief Jay Welk in Kaysville.

Mayor of St. George plans to hold on

Mori Kessler of the St. George News reported on Tuesday evening that Michele Randall is set to win his first St. George mayoral election. Randall was appointed by city council after former mayor Jon Pike took a post in Gov. Spencer Cox’s administration earlier this year.

Alastair Lee Bitsóí, Bethany Rodgers, Bryan Schott and Robert Gehrke of the Salt Lake Tribune reported and wrote this story.

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