PetWellClinic signs 12-unit deal in Salt Lake City

Walk-In Wellness Practices Offering Affordable and Accessible Health Care Coming Soon to Salt Lake City, Utah

PetWellClinic has signed a 12-unit deal in Salt Lake City, Utah. The new clinics will provide a walk-in environment for general exams, vaccinations, and treatment of minor and chronic ailments.

The multi-unit deal was signed by Ed and Betsy Erb, who also signed an 8-unit deal last year in Baton Rouge and New Orleans, Louisiana.

“When we recently visited Salt Lake City with our pets, one of them came down with bad weather and we couldn’t find a vet appointment for months,” said Betsy, in a company statement.1

“It felt like a sign to Ed and I that we needed to do something to help this community. There is a significant need for affordable walk-in veterinary care in Salt Lake City, and we know that the quality, services PetWellClinic essentials will help alleviate some of the stress pet owners face when trying to find an appointment,” she added.

The exact locations of the first clinics in Salt Lake City have yet to be determined. In the meantime, Ed and Betsy prepare to recruit vets and clinic staff into an environment that offers a sustainable workload like an 8-hour workday, along with streamlined services.1

“In our clinics, we provide quality care to our pet patients, but beyond that, we pride ourselves on the work-life balance we provide our veterinarians,” remarked Sam Meisler, DVM, MBA, founder and CEO of PetWellClinic, in the Liberation.1

“With manageable working hours and streamlined services, there are no stressful surprises. Our veterinarians can focus more on their patients with the added benefit of leaving work ‘at work’. PetWellClinic fosters an environment of care and kindness and it starts with our own staff.”

Additionally, PetWellClinic sites maximize effective veterinary software created by Meisler. The design of the clinics is to provide transparency and openness for clients to see everything that is going on with their pets during a visit.


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