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The Provo City School District Administration Building is pictured Monday, April 2, 2018 in Provo.

The Provo City School Board provided an update on the bond sale at its Tuesday meeting and discussed the bond sale, updated its existing Chromebook policy and narrowed the list of potential names for his new college.

According to Derek Anderson, business administrator for the Provo City School District, the bonds to support construction of the district’s new middle school and the Wasatch Elementary School project are scheduled to be sold on Feb. 16.

The school board also reduced the number of suggested names and mascots for the new middle school that is slated to be built near Footprinter Park in Provo. After a poll was distributed to the public, the top four name suggestions selected by the board include Footprinter Middle School, Shoreline Middle School, Dry Creek Middle School and Horizon Middle School. The main choices for mascots include panthers, ducks, colts/mustangs, and raptors.

These names will be included in another survey that will be distributed to the community for public comment. The school will replace Dixon Middle School when completed.

The board also passed a motion to approve Policy 4202, which adjusts the fees a student could potentially be charged if they damage a school-issued Chromebook.

This will be an update to the existing policy that parents committed to when their student received a computer at the start of the school year.

“What this policy does is it expands the scope of if a Chromebook is damaged, it expands the scope of what we can charge for,” Anderson said. “It lowers the minimum threshold but also opens the threshold to the override value.”

The new policy reduces the minimum amount a student could be charged for a damaged Chromebook to $30 for smaller repairs, and opens the maximum fee a student could be charged to the full cost of the Chromebook, in the event that the computer is damaged beyond. repair.

“If, for example, a key falls out and needs to be replaced, we can charge $30 instead of the $40 that was before,” Anderson said. “But now it also says you know if a kid breaks the Chromebook, they’ll end up paying the replacement value, which is about $250, $300.”

Anderson clarified that students will not be fined for computer issues resulting from wear and tear, but rather for avoidable damage to Chromebooks.

“If the motherboard fails or, you know, something like that, then it’s just bad,” Anderson said. “But you know if you have a broken screen and a bump…then you know that’s kind of what ends up happening.”

Custodial staff need

It was also announced at the meeting that the Provo City School District is seeking to fill 109 open sweeper and custodian positions at schools in the Provo area.

Provo City School District facilities manager Mark Wheeler says custodial teams at many schools in the district are working very hard to make up for being understaffed.

“Westridge Elementary, it’s just under 70,000 square feet, for the past two weeks we’ve had a head caretaker, a part-timer, that’s a lot of square feet to take care of by two people,” Wheeler said. “Centennial, we have over 143,000 square feet… right now we have a head caretaker, an assistant and three part time people… that’s 28,000 square feet per person, that’s a lot of areas to cover every day, and unfortunately they’re just not getting there. It’s impossible to cover so much space with so few people.

According to the post, “Most schools offer convenient after-school work hours, Monday through Friday from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., allowing you to work while having time off for homework and socializing. Here are some details about the job:

  • Positions are available for workers 14 years and older
  • Part-time and full-time entry-level contract positions are available
  • Receive a $300 signing bonus after one month of employment.

For more information on open guard positions or to apply, people can visit


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