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The temple of Provo, photographed Friday August 29, 2014.

It was no surprise to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that President Russell M. Nelson announced on Sunday that several new temples would be built.

What came as a surprise was the announcement of the reconstruction of the Provo Utah Temple, which will begin when the Orem Utah Temple is completed.

The Orem Utah Temple is slated for completion in fall 2023.

“We recognize the interest this generates for people and communities in places that will receive such a temple. At this point, limited information is available beyond the intention to build a temple in the advertised area. More information will be provided as the Church progresses, ”said Doug Andersen, Church spokesperson.

“At the appropriate time, the Church will forward relevant information such as specific site locations, inauguration dates and construction details for each of these newly announced temples or temple renovations. In addition, public open houses are a common practice to allow the community to visit the temple prior to its dedication and use by Church members, ”added Andersen.

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The Ogden Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, photographed June 18, 2020.

The Provo Utah Temple was originally announced on August 14, 1967. The ground was dedicated on September 16, 1969, and the temple was dedicated on February 9, 1972 by then-church president Joseph Fielding Smith.

Ogden Temple was the church’s 14th working temple, Provo Temple was the 15th.

According to information from the church, the design of the temple was inspired by an Old Testament scripture in Exodus 13:21 which says that the Lord went before the children of Israel as a cloud by day and a pillar of fire at night.

The Provo Utah Temple has undergone some interior renovations over the years, including removing escalators and replacing them with stairs. In 2003, the angel Moroni was added to the temple spire and the spire changed from gold to white.

The Provo Temple currently serves Church members from Provo and Orem as well as Brigham Young University and the Provo Missionary Training Center just across the street.

The Ogden Utah Temple was dedicated a month earlier, January 18-20, 1972, and had the same architectural design.

The two temples differed greatly from the temples already built, with a more modern and contemporary design motif.

Although considered the House of the Lord by church members, some have referred to the styles of the Provo and Ogden temples as something akin to wedding cakes or cupcakes, among others.

Now curious church members want to know if the Provo Utah Temple will look like the Ogden Temple again.

The Ogden Temple underwent extensive renovations both inside and out in 2014, with the exterior having been completely altered.

The new design of the temple of Ogden is not at all similar to the original. The main entrance to the temple has been moved from the west side to the east side, where it faces Washington Boulevard, one of Ogden’s main streets.

The temple renovation also includes reconfigured rooms and new energy-efficient electrical, heating and plumbing systems. Other notable improvements include the addition of an underground parking lot, new landscaping of the temple block and the addition of a major water feature, according to the church.


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