Racist comments made at Utah high school girls’ football game under investigation

SALEM, Utah — The girls of the Provo and Salem Hills soccer teams were playing overtime Thursday night when the referee called a foul, one of the Provo team captains said.

“We were about to kick but then our guard started shouting, ‘They’re shouting racist comments, they’re shouting racist comments,'” she said.

The captain of the team, who did not want to reveal her identity for fear of being targeted, therefore went to see the referee and told him to stop the match.

“They say, ‘It’s because she’s black’ after the foul is called,” she said.

Last Thursday’s game wasn’t the first time Salem Hills fans were racist toward Provo athletes. Last February, fans were videotaped making racist taunts at a women’s basketball game.

“They were making racist remarks during the basketball game towards me and my other teammates of color,” the team captain said. “It frustrates me a bit that everyone has to go through this.”

The Nebo School District is investigating racist comments made during a women’s soccer game last Thursday.

While they wouldn’t reveal their identities for fear of being targeted, one family spoke with FOX 13 News reporter Jenna Bree about what happened that night on the grounds.

This time the racism was not directed at her daughter, but the team captain’s mother is heartbroken to see it happen again, she said.

“Provo High School is probably the most diverse high school in Utah County,” she said. “And I think that’s why when we played Salem Hills, we made sure we were there, just in case something happened.”

“We can confirm that a foul was called on a Salem Hills High player and the crowd was vocal about the call. Administration and the referee visited the crowd and spoke to the crowd to be positive,” read a statement from the Nebo School District. .

Our schools and district do not tolerate any inappropriate behavior or racist comments. We will continue to educate and work with our students on appropriate behavior.

SHHS had proper supervision for the large homecoming crowd.

The SHHS administration immediately apologized in case there was any inappropriate behavior.

“The administration of both high schools is working together to continue this investigation,” the statement said. “We take all allegations seriously and hope others will come forward if they know any additional details.”

The Provo School District sent the following statement to FOX 13:

“We are aware of the reported situation that occurred during the Provo High School Girls’ Football game against Salem Hills last week. We have been in contact with the Nebo School District and Salem Hills High School as “They are investigating the incident and will continue to work with them as they continue their process. We are grateful for the collaborative effort of Nebo School District and Salem Hills High School as we work together. on this investigation. We take any allegation of this nature very seriously and are committed to doing what we can to ensure that these incidents do not occur again in our schools.”

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