REPORT: Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado and Utah meet the Big 12

It looks like the Big 12 might be trying to poach multiple PAC-12 teams.

After USC and UCLA left the PAC-12 for the Big Ten, a race was on for teams to find new stability, and no one wants to be left behind. (RELATED: David Hookstead is the real King In the North When it comes to college football)

Well, looks like the PAC-12 is going to be picked clean.

Jason Scheer reported that Utah, Arizona, Arizona State and Colorado were all meeting with the Big 12 this week to discuss a possible expansion (via

War is on in the world of college football, and it looks like the Big 12 are gearing up to possibly shake up the Big 12 with a massive strike.

The Big Ten has already taken the two biggest marks in the conference, and if ASU, Arizona, Colorado and Utah all dive into the Big 12, the conference will essentially die.

At this point, Washington and Oregon would have no incentive to stay. I imagine they will leave too. Oregon could go to the Big Ten and Washington could also end up in the Big 12.

All I know for sure is that things are changing fast, and anyone who says with absolute certainty how it’s going to end is lying to you.

Be sure to check back regularly for the latest expansion updates, because we have them.

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