Routes and frequencies of Avelo Airlines

Avelo Airlines is based at Burbank Airport and has a fleet of 3 Boeing 737-700 and 3 Boeing 737-800, which operate on 8 routes to and from Burbank. The airline entered the U.S. domestic market on April 28.

Avelo was the first airline to enter the US market after several years without new additions. Currently, the most important carriers in the international market are American, Delta and United, as well as other companies with a different operating model, including Frontier, JetBlue, Southwest and Spirit.

Burbank is located at the southeast end of the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles County, California. Located 12 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles. Alaska, American Airlines, Avelo, Delta, Frontier, Southwest, Spirit and United operate at this airport, primarily with connections to the west coast of the United States.

Avelo’s Boeing 737

Currently, Avelo Airlines destinations to and from Burbank include Eureka (CA), Eugene (OR), Medford (OR), Ogden (UT), Pasco (WA), Redding (CA), Redmond / Bend ( OR) and Santa Rosa (CALIFORNIA).

Continuing its development, Avelo announced the addition of a new base in the United States. Operations will be from and to New Haven (HVN), Connecticut, with a major presence in Florida.

The new destinations, according to the information available, will be Fort Lauderdale (FLL), Fort Myers (RSW), Orlando (MCO) and Tampa (TPA). These flights will be on board Boeing 737-700 planes, with a capacity of 147 passengers.

In addition, according to aviation intelligence platform Cirium, the airline is expected to begin flights to Fort Collins (CO) and Provo (UT) in October and November, respectively.

As for new routes from its hubs (Burbank and New Heaven), Avelo Airlines plans to start operations between Eureka and Las Vegas in November, with bi-weekly frequencies on Boeing 737-800s.

Fleet of Avelo Airlines

Airplane Registration Remark
Boeing 737-86N N801XT active
Boeing 737-8F2 N802XT active
Boeing 737-8F2 N803XT active
Boeing 737-7H4 N701VL active
Boeing 737-7H4 N702VL active
Boeing 737-7H4 N703VL active
Boeing 737-8F2 N805XT Enter service

Avelo Airlines currently has four active Boeing 737s and intends to add two Boeing 737-700s and one Boeing 737-800. Initially, the carrier planned to close 2021 with six planes, while the airline expects to have seven Boeing 737s active in the near future.

Regular Avelo Airlines lines in October

Of TO Aircraft used Weekly frequencies
Burbank Arcata / Eureka B737 / B738 5
Burbank Eugene B737 / B738 4
Burbank Fort-Collins Boeing 737-700 2
Burbank Medford B737 / B738 2
Burbank Ogden Boeing 737-800 3
Burbank Not co Boeing 737-700 2
Burbank Redness B737 / B738 2
Burbank Redmond / Bend Boeing 737-700 2
Burbank Holy rose Boeing 737-800 7

Avelo Airlines routes in November, with a new base in New Heaven

Of TO Aircraft used Weekly frequencies
Burbank Arcata / Eureka Boeing 737-800 4
Burbank Eugene Boeing 737-800 5
Burbank Fort-Collins Boeing 737-800 2
Burbank Medford Boeing 737-800 2
Burbank Ogden Boeing 737-800 3
Burbank Not co Boeing 737-800 2
Burbank Provo Boeing 737-800 2
Burbank Redness Boeing 737-800 2
Burbank Redmond / Bend B737 / B738 2
Burbank Holy rose Boeing 737-800 7
New paradise Fort Lauderdale Boeing 737-700 5
New paradise Fort Myers Boeing 737-700 2
New paradise Orlando Boeing 737-700 6
New paradise Tampa Boeing 737-700 3

*Provo starts on November 18

Journeys to and from Burbank Airport

Burbank routes

  • Arcata / Eureka: By bike
  • Austin: Southwest Airlines
  • Chicago-Midway: Southwest Airlines
  • Dallas-Love: Southwest Airlines
  • Dallas / Fort Worth: American Airlines
  • Denver: Frontier, Southwest and United Airlines
  • Eugene: By bike
  • Fort Collins: By bike
  • Houston-Hobbies: Southwest Airlines
  • Las Vegas: Border, South-West and Spirit
  • Medford: By bike
  • Nashville: Southwest Airlines
  • New York (JFK): JetBlue
  • Oakland: Southwest Airlines
  • Ogden: By bike
  • Not co : By bike
  • Phoenix: American Airlines, Frontier and Southwest
  • Portland: Alaska Airlines
  • Provo: Avélo – November
  • Redness: By bike
  • Redmond / Bend: By bike
  • Reno: Southwest Airlines
  • Sacramento: Southwest Airlines
  • Salt Lake City: Delta Air Lines and South West
  • San Francisco: Southwest Airlines
  • San José: Southwest Airlines
  • Holy Rose: Alaska Airlines and Avelo
  • Seattle: Alaska Airlines

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