Ruffled feathers: Dallas Mavs bench frustrates Utah jazz star Donovan Mitchell

The Dallas Mavericks bench made headlines after their previous game against the Utah Jazz for comments made to Rudy Gobert. With Gobert a late scratch for Sunday’s game, the Mavs bench focused on Donovan Mitchell throughout the night.

Mitchell, who rolled his ankle in the Jazz’s loss to the Mavericks, finished his performance with 12 points while shooting 4-13 from the floor and 1-4 from outside the arc.

Utah Jazz Superstar Donovan Mitchell

Donovan Mitchell, Utah Jazz

Donovan Mitchell warms up before facing the Mavs

Donovan Mitchell, Utah Jazz

Donovan Mitchell Injures Ankle Against Dallas Mavericks

During the game, a member of the Jazz media characterized Mitchell’s conversation with the Mavericks bench as he expressed frustration with Dallas coach Jason Kidd for using an all-court press.

At the post-match press conference, however, Mitchell made it clear he wasn’t talking to Kidd, and he also said he had no problem with a press being deployed all over the place. field by the Mavericks. Mitchell went a step further and expressed his annoyance with the media member for essentially guessing and posting false information.

“For me, you don’t know what I said. Maybe it looked like I was here complaining about having a full court [press]”Mitchell said. “But, I think it’s crazy that you can just say that and it’s open to interpretation. It’s crazy, to be honest with you.

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“I know you have a job to do and all that, but for you to just put something out there that’s just assumed and that’s exactly what it is, that’s not cool in my honest opinion. “

Rudy Gobert, Utah Jazz, Dwight Powell, Dallas Mavericks

Rudy Gobert vs. Dallas Mavericks

Rudy Gobert, Utah Jazz, Dwight Powell, Dallas Mavericks

Dwight Powell finishes against Rudy Gobert

Rudy Gobert, Utah Jazz, Dwight Powell, Dallas Mavericks, Luka Doncic

Dallas Mavericks vs. Utah Jazz

Mitchell then explained that he was talking to the Mavericks bench late in the game and that he was not angry with the defense which was deploying an all-court press, even though he suffered from a sprained ankle. . Instead, he was surprised Dallas wasn’t looking to attack him more in pick-and-roll situations given the injury.

“It’s not for that. I wasn’t mad at [the full-court press]”Mitchell said. “I’m surprised I wasn’t placed in a pick-and-roll. I would go straight for me if I saw anyone else on his team with an injured ankle. I would have gone straight for them. That’s just part of the game. It wasn’t about getting rid of a guy. If I’m out there, then I have to do what I have to do.

The Mavericks bench has now become the focus of post-game commentary from two jazz stars after Utah’s losses. For what could be a potential playoff matchup, this is another advantage Dallas will gladly take.

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