Salt Lake City S-Line Tram Now Powered by All Renewable Energy

SALT LAKE CITY – A Utah Transit Authority streetcar now runs entirely on renewable energy. Officials from UTA and Rocky Mountain Power announced Thursday that the S-Line streetcar on the east side of Salt Lake is now powered 100% by renewable energy.

“This is equivalent to taking hundreds of cars off the road each year,” said Carlton Christensen, chairman of the board of directors of UTA.

UTA’s S line connects Sugarhouse to South Salt Lake along 2100 South.

“This is an important step for UTA as we continue our commitment to implement cleaner energy in our transit system,” said Christensen.

The car uses power from Rocky Mountain Power, which UTA says has made a significant investment in solar and wind power.

James Campbell, RMP’s Director of Innovation and Sustainability, congratulated UTA on this decision and said making transport clean is an important part of solving pollution and climate issues.

“Transportation is our biggest source of criterion pollution here in Utah and along the Wasatch front,” he said. He also says that nationally, it is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions.

“So really the solution to fight against this pollution and these climatic problems to switch our transport fleets to electricity, like the S-line, then ensure that this underlying source that provides this electricity is clean or renewable . “

Christensen said the car was not intended to be renewable, but the community it serves is “very sensitive” in this regard.

“I think it’s a perfect place for it to be the first line of fully renewable energy.”

UTA says they are eventually considering expanding the S Line further east.

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