Salt Lake City woman gets into police car and threatens officer with shoe

SALT LAKE CITY – Two unified police officers had an interesting encounter with a woman that ended with her indictment on Friday on several counts, including assaulting a police officer.

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Police intervened at a house in Kearns on May 31 after a man said Krystal Mary Bujan, 31, approached her parked car and kicked the door. The man said that after getting out of his vehicle, Bujan hit him in the throat.

When the police approached Bujan, the probable cause affidavit indicates that they pointed an object at an officer and started walking towards him. Believing the object to be a gun, the officer drew his own weapon at Bujan and ordered him to stop and drop the object.

Once the officer realized that Bujan was holding a shoe and not a gun, he again ordered him to stop. Bujan then got into a van and turned it towards the officer and accelerated before turning and walking away.

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Another officer at the scene turned on his hazard lights and siren to stop Bujan, who then walked towards that officer’s car and collided with the police vehicle. According to police, Bujan continued to drive and hit the officer’s car once more, causing his airbags to deploy.

Bujan was taken out of the van and taken to hospital for treatment.

Bujan was charged with two counts of assaulting a police officer, failure to stop on order of a police officer, assault and possession of a controlled substance.

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