Salt Lake County designates ‘cool zones’ as temperatures rise

SALT LAKE CITY Temperatures are on the rise. As we head into the weekend, Salt Lake City is exploring the potential for record-breaking heat. If you spend time outdoors, be prepared.

When a day is going to be excessively hot, it is important to plan ahead. Be sure to drink plenty of water, get enough shade, and stay cool.

“Make sure you plan your day appropriately, so you’re not in the middle of the heatsaid Jay Larsen, emergency room nurse in charge of Intermountain Healthcare at LDS Hospital.

He said people who end up in the emergency room with heat-related illness usually overexert themselves and don’t drink enough.

“You have to stay hydrated in the summer. That way your body cools down appropriately and you stay hydrated,” he said.

Second, seek shade, either indoors or outdoors. Wear a hat and light clothing that protects you from the sun.

“The third is basically watching what you’re doing. Don’t overwork yourself. By planting the garden three hours afternoon is not a good choice,” Larsen said.

Sunscreen also makes a difference.

“Sunburn prevents your body from regulating itself very well,” the nurse manager said. “So we want to try to prevent that. Sunscreen goes hand in hand with water.

For vulnerable people, Salt Lake County offers Cool Zones at public libraries, recreation centers and senior centers.

“For people who don’t have air conditioning at home, they can come in to cool off, hydrate, and enjoy some air conditioning,” said Afton January, communications manager for aging and adult services. of Salt Lake County.

Older people are more sensitive to excessive heat.

“As we start to see hotter and hotter summers, it’s increasingly important for people to find a way to cool down so they don’t end up succumbing to heat-related illnesses,” January said. “We haven’t seen much interest in cold zones yet. But we see people coming every summer because it’s warmer.

An interactive map on the Salt Lake County Aging Services website helps you find a cool area.

“Cool areas really play an important role for Salt Lake County in providing sanctuary from those hot, hot summer days,” she said.

Warning signs of heat-related illnesses include dizziness, nausea, rapid heartbeat, chest pain, and difficulty breathing. Get to a cool place quickly if you have these symptoms and see a doctor if they persist.

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