Salt Lake education teacher receives hate message in car

SALT LAKE CITY – A teacher at a private school in Salt Lake has been robbed, but is more troubled by a note left behind.

In March, Shannon Foy-Sundo moved to Millcreek from Virginia so that she could return to teaching in person, which was not an option at her last school due to COVID-19 restrictions.

On Tuesday morning, her welcome to Utah was literally shattered. Someone broke two windows in his car and stole several valuables.

“I was like, you have to be kidding me,” Foy-Sundo said.

But underneath all that glass there was a piece of paper more disturbing than the heist.

On that paper, there was a one-word racial insult.

“I turned around, picking up pieces of paper from the floor,” she said. “I turned it over and that’s when I read that word that I’m not even saying.”

Unfortunately, she has experienced this type of racism in all the cities where she has lived.

“I hate being almost insensitive to it,” Foy-Sundo said. “You hear that word, it always hits.”

Shannon’s school community at Garfield School rallied behind her and opened a Gofundme page to help pay for repairs and replace stolen items.

“There’s a whole community that cares about her,” said Kristie Woods, school communications manager.

“I told him, ‘it’s a little overwhelming.’ She was like, ‘It’s from a place of love,’ ”added Foy-Sundo.

Shannon believes the message of love is more powerful than hate.

“This is what America should be. You see someone in need, big or small. This is what it should be, ”she said.

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