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I can’t ski like Roger Marolt or any of his family, but I can share his frustration at seeing some of his columns summarily dismissed by the powers that be at the Aspen Times. You see, the same thing happened to me at the Sopris Sun in Carbondale and for the same reason because these protectors of public sensibility felt that the columns could offend someone they did not want to offend.

One of my columns was a scathing denunciation of the hypocrisy of Christians, not Christianity, and the other was an assessment of the state of print journalism in the Roaring Fork Valley, which was particularly critical of the regard to the Glenwood Springs Post Independent. I must point out that my columns were boosted by two different editors of the Sopris Sun, while Marolt bit the dust at the hands of the Aspen Times editor, Ogden Newspapers, who fired the editor for printing one of between them.

A miserable ink-stained veteran once told me that if a journalist doesn’t piss someone off, he’s not doing his job. There was a saying in journalism school: A students stay in college, teach journalism, and starve on a teacher’s salary; B students become reporters and starve on a newspaper’s salary; and the C students go into public relations and make all the money.

I was a C student, but not being very materialistic, I decided to become a reporter. I meant to say it as it is, not necessarily how it sells.

I’m happy for you, Roger. You’re much more suited to working for a local publication like Aspen Daily News than for the national, billionaire-owned Ogden Newspapers. As for the Aspen Times, count your blessings. At least you don’t belong to a hedge fund.

Fred Malo Jr.


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